Corn dog truck spill temporarily shuts down Louisiana interstate

There was some sad news for corn dog fans in California. A section of Louisiana interstate 220 was temporarily closed Tuesday morning because of a corn dog spill, meaning that a store somewhere in California isn’t getting its delivery right away.

An 18-wheeler filled with corn dogs was involved in an accident at 3:40 early Tuesday morning. According to KTSB, police said the driver was westbound. He flipped over and hit a guardrail, that caused the doors of the trailer to swing open. Thousands of Foster Farms corn dogs spilled onto the highway.

Corporal Marcus Hines told WWLTV that they did have some help cleaning up the mess when passing drivers decided to help themselves. Plus, they got some free food out of it.

“There were some reports that passersby were coming in and loading up on some of those corn dogs for dinner,” Hines said. “It's been a big mess but a lot of folks will be eating pretty good this afternoon.”

Condiments were also available, as ketchup and mustard were also on the truck.

“Everything you need to make a good corn dog was in the middle of the roadway,” Hines added.

According to The Huffington Post, no one was injured in the incident. While the crash is still being investigated, the driver will not be cited. He was heading to California, according to police.

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