Daft Punk and Jay Z collaboration 'Computerized' leaks, remains officially unreleased

A track Daft Punk and Jay Z collaborated on called “Computerized” has surfaced, but it’s unclear when it was recorded. The song has still not been released officially by either artist.

A Daft Punk fan posted the four-minute, 30-second track on a fansite back in October. However, it was recently posted on a Kanye West message board, even though West didn’t have anything to do with the song, notes Pitchfork. Still, that was enough to bring the track to the media’s attention.

As Rolling Stone notes, the track is about making sure the world doesn’t get taken completely over by computers. Jay Z provides a rap over the French duo’s basic track. The intro does appear to use some of the same music Daft Punk later used for their 2010 Tron: Legacy score, Noisey pointed out.

It’s not clear when the track was recorded. While it does sound like a fully completed track, the two artists probably never intended to release it. There must be some reason why it hasn’t come out yet.

Jay Z and Daft Punk both had incredible years. In addition to his work with Justin Timberlake, Jay released his own hit album, Magna Carta Holy Grail. Daft Punk also scored an armful of Grammys for Random Access Memories and “Get Lucky” with Pharrell Williams.

image courtesy of CBS

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