'Family Guy' recap: 'Fresh Heir'

This week’s episode of Family Guy begins with Chris attempting to spend time with his father, Peter. Chris repeatedly gives suggestions to activities he and Peter can do together, but Peter rebuffs every idea until he admits that he previously lied to Chris about wanting to hang out with him and tells his son that he will give him an obscene amount of money if he goes away.

Brian tells Peter it would be good if he hung out with Chris, but Peter says he has no desire to form a bond with his son.

When Lois’ wealthy father, Carter, breaks his leg at the mall, her mother calls to ask someone to take care of him. After passing the responsibility around and everyone giving excuses as to why they cannot take care of Carter, the family decides to send Chris to take care of his grandfather.

At his grandfather’s home, Chris introduces his grandfather to simple pleasures in life and the two bond deeply.

Once Carter is healed, he takes Chris home and offers him a wad of money, but Chris declines it. He tells Carter that he enjoyed spending time with his grandfather and doesn’t want his money.

Surprised and refreshed by Chris’ kindness, Carter abruptly decides to change his will and leave his entire fortune to Chris. When the family asks why Carter decides to give all of his money to Chris, Carter reasons that Chris should get the money because he doesn’t want it.

Brian tells Carter that he should leave his money to a charity and when Carter asks Brian to name just one charity, the show plays on the running gag that Brian is simply a fraud with no deep convictions to any cause, who likes to make himself sound caring, loving, and profound while he is actually self-serving and arrogant.

In bed, Peter bemoans the fact that Carter is leaving all of his money to Chris. Lois shrugs it off, telling Peter that Carter can do as he pleases with his money, then questions the basis of their marriage as she wonders if Peter only married her for the inheritance she would receive. Peter denies marrying Lois for her money, but says it would’ve been nice to have.

Peter decides to do his best to get on Chris’ good side so that he will still be able to get some of the money Chris has now been promised.

Peter tries to dress as Chris, take care of Chris’ bully, and share one of his favorite films with Chris to get on his good side to no avail.

When Peter goes to the Drunken Clam to hang out with Quagmire and Joe, they tell Peter how awful he is and he explains that he is trying to get on Chris’ good side because he will be inheriting a large amount of money.

Joe and Quagmire say they are happy for Chris and whatever lucky girl or guy he ends up marrying.

Peter says Joe and Quagmire have given him an idea and he rushes home to wake Chris. He asks Chris to marry him and Chris responds with disbelief and asks if it’s legal for a man to marry his son. Peter responds that it is legal in Vermont, as long as they are two men.

Peter states that it would be better for them to have one bank account and Chris realizes immediately what Peter is doing and agrees to the marriage, then asks about Lois.

Peter tells Chris that Lois has signed a divorce agreement and the two head off to Vermont to get married.

When they arrive in Vermont, Chris and Peter go to store to set up their gift registry, a restaurant to book their post-wedding breakfast, then a dance rehearsal.

They arrive at the alter and are about to get married when Lois appears to put a stop to the wedding. She tells Peter he cannot marry his son and asks Chris to go home with her because she doesn’t want Peter to force him into marrying his father. When Chris tells Lois he wants to marry Peter, she tells him he’s only doing it for the inheritance, but Chris tells his mother he knows.

Chris tells his parents he enjoys spending time with his father and if being married means he can spend more time with Peter, he will glad marry him.

Peter is surprised that Chris knows he was marrying him for his money and Peter acknowledges that he’s been unkind to his son and promises to make it up to him for being such a jerk. The family then goes home together.

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