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This week on Glee, New Directions old and new return to McKinley as they prepare to say goodbye to the Glee Club one last time. They will reinvent the songs of their past to celebrate the memories. And to celebrate the show’s 100th episode, the writer’s brought back some of the original charm and snark that made the show a hit in the first place.


April is back because she’s rich, and she wants the club to celebrate. She’s going to save them. She sings “Raise Your Glass” with the kids and Schu because she knows she can afford to keep the club running, a fact she puts in front of Sue’s face. As long as she’s paying for the auditorium, she has a say over who uses it. She says the Glee club can just move into there and keep going, but Sue smells something fishy and starts investigating.

Sure enough, her investigation turns up that the not only is the $2 million April funneled into the auditorium gone because Schu spent it, but she can’t pay for the club to continue going either. As it turns out, her many new assets are frozen because her most recent benefactor/bankroller/lover, was none other than Bernie Madoff. She has nothing. Will is extremely upset with her as a result because she gave him hope that the Glee club was saved, and it wasn’t.

Before the club is officially over, April surprises everyone by flying in Holly Holiday once more. After a celebratory sing-along with the kids to Pharrell’s “Happy,” she and April go off to drink together.
Meanwhile, Schu takes the original New Directions kids into the auditorium for an emotional, powerful speech as he presents them with the new home for Finn and Lillian’s memorial plaques. The kids and Schu are all crying because they can’t believe it’s over. However, Holly and April are up in the rafters watching, and they vow that they will save the club for these kids.


One thing that has not changed since Mercedes went to L.A. and Rachel went to New York is their fierce rivalry--and they’re still as competitive as ever.
Things are heated up more when they appear on an episode of Brittany’s show, Fondue for Two, and both want to sing “Defying Gravity.” This leads to another infamous diva-off between them and Kurt. Mercedes and Rachel each campaign to try and win, but just before the vote, Santana talks trash about Rachel for always selling everyone else out to get what she wants. In the process, she spills that Rachel never actually won prom queen, and she and Quinn stuffed the ballot box so she could. Rachel storms out in tears

Mercedes meets up with Rachel in the bathroom, and Rachel spills how much what has been happening in New York has hurt her because it feels like she’s back in high school again. Mercedes admits that she feels the same way whenever producers tell her she won’t succeed. The two make up and try to cancel the vote, though it has already gone down--and neither one is the supreme diva of the glee club. They’re equal in everyone’s eyes.


Puck and Quinn are both back in Lima again--QUinn has come from Yale, and Puck is back from the Air Force. Early on, Puck reveals that despite his no longer being stuck in the past, he still loves Quinn. But alas, she has a very rich and stuck up boyfriend, Biff McIntosh (guest star Chace Crawford). However, he knows nothing about her past, which everyone soon realizes. He’s unaware of her pink haired skanky breakdown, her Ryan Seacrest tattoo, or even Beth.

In an effort to remind Quinn that she shouldn’t pretend to be someone else and should keep her past as a part of her, Puck sings “Keep Holding On,” which makes her cry-but she refuses to let the past hold her back now because she insists she loves Biff.

However, she finally comes clean to him about her past--and he calls her a dirty little slutbag. the comment makes Puck react, as he beats him up and puts him in the dumpster.

Puck and Quinn once again meet up in front of Finn’s jersey in the locker room, his other McKinley memorial. They wonder if he ever truly forgave them and decide he did--and that Rachel was his soulmate. Puck uses this as his in to convince Quinn of how they are meant to be, and are one another’s soul mates. He tells Quinn he still loves her, and he knows she feels the same way because he was the only guy she has ever been honest with. He tells he that if she tells him to stay, he will, and walks away. But then she chases after him--and tells him to stay. The characters are likely not to come back again once the show officially moves to strictly New York episodes in two weeks, so this is a nice way to wrap up their long and complicated story line from the last five seasons nicely.


Brittany hates her new life as a mathematical genius, and just wants to go back to the high school days where she was with Santana, dancing and talking to her cat. In an effort to get her back into her groove, Santana proposes a reunion of the Unholy Trinity--complete with Cheerios uniforms--to perform “Toxic.”

However, Brittany is still not back in her groove, which prompts Santana to sing “Valerie” again, this time with Brittany, as she gets her dancing again, just a bit.

The time together results in Brittany kissing Santana and telling her she wants to be with her again. She knows they belong together, but Santana is hesitant because of Dani, as well as how long it took for her to get over Brittany. Brittany tells Santana it’s her choice.

Next week, the club attempts one more time to save themselves, as the remaining original New Directions seniors (Blaine, Sam, Artie and Tina) graduate, and the club officially says goodbye for good.

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