Green Mountain Coffee: Limited Edition Island Coconut

Absolutely delicious and coming to select retail and grocery stores nationwide for a limited time on MARCH 24, 2014 is Green Mountain Coffee's Island Coconut. Each K-Cup has the pet amount of coconut flavor and although I have a whole work day ahead of me, for a brief period of time I was on an island in a deck chair (in my mind). Island Coconut is a light roast coffee made with 100% "Fair Trade Certified Arabica Coffee Beans". The coffee will also be available in bagged coffee form until supplies last! (I will be stocking up for summer since I finally found a coffee both my husband and I both enjoy - a task that is very very hard to do). All of Green Mountain's limited edition flavors pull in the best part of each season. (We also indulge in the gingerbread version for holiday time).

Green Mountain Coffee Company came to be in 1981. It started out as a small cafe in Waitsfield, Vermont and has now grown into one of the United States leading coffee brands. Their goal: to create the "ultimate coffee experience" with each and every cup. In the year 2000 they became one of the first Coffee Companies to offer Fair Trade coffee (farmers receive a fair price for their beans so they many in turn invest in their crops and future). Twelve years later, they were named "The Worlds Largest Purchaser of Fair Trade Certified Coffee" by the Fair Trade USA for third year in a row.

For more information or to purchase Island Coconut limited edition (or their many other varieties) please visit

Image: Wikimedia Commons

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