'Grey's Anatomy' Recap: 'Throwing It All Away'

This week on Grey’s Anatomy: the doctors are still adjusting to the non-fraternizing rule, a baby is found near a dumpster, and Edwards uses gurneys to release her anger.

Arizona and Callie: Finally, Arizona is at peace with having a false leg. But, it is still managing to cause her problems. At the beginning of the episode, Arizona wakes up to find her leg covered in fruit juice. Later, Stephanie Edwards bulldozes her with a gurney, resulting in a broken leg (luckily her fake one). Callie is simultaneously facing her own dilemma. Derek Shepherd, her research partner, has to toss their project aside while he goes to work for the big-wigs of the White House.

As co-workers, Arizona and Callie incidentally face a patient that has been suffering from a unique leg dysfunction since the day she was born. When the patient decides she wants to have a double leg amputation in order to lead a normal life, Callie has a hard time saying yes. Her decision to remove Arizona’s leg has haunted her ever since and resulted in hatred. But, Arizona regrets this and encourages Callie that it is the right decision. Arizona realizes that she has been able to work, carry Sophia, and do practically anything she wants with her fake leg, and their patient can have the same promising future.

On top of all this, together they face even more strain on their relationship, which appears to only be making them stronger. Their communication and patience is increasingly getting better. But, now Callie has to face the complaint that Leah Murphy has submitted to human resources, saying that the relationship drama between the three of them compromised Leah’s ability to learn and work at the hospital.

Derek and Meredith: Derek has sacrificed his research with co-worker Callie Torres in order to move forward with his work with the White House. Meredith, on the other hand, is being scrutinized by Alex Karev because Mere was able to get a husband and kids out of her work relationship while Alex is being suspended due to his relationship with Jo.

Alex and Jo: Their misconduct has resulted in Alex Karev being suspended from pediatrics and Jo Wilson being reassigned to work in trauma. Jo and her peer, Stephanie Edwards, find an abandoned baby on top of the roof, who is suffering from congenital heart disease. Unfortunately, even this find doesn’t allow Jo to work in pediatrics, and Owen is firm with this decision. He wants Alex and Jo to be nowhere near one another.

Further, Alex cannot perform a biliary diversion on a patient that he has been looking after for a number of years. Even worse, he has to watch Meredith perform the surgery, who is one the main ones responsible for this new hospital rule. In an attempt to make up for her hypocritical actions, Meredith offers a “love contract” that can release Alex from his suspension and allow Jo back into pediatrics. It is evident the amount of feelings he has for Jo, which is an absolute rarity for Alex, so of course he is willing to sign the contract.

Stephanie, April, and Jackson: Stephanie Edwards is still bitter, as she should, about the marriage of April and Avery. Her next victim to be hit by a gurney is none other than her ex, Jackson Avery, which she so deservedly receives an applause for even though it was on accident. We don’t see the newlyweds, April and Jackson, together much on this episode. This is mainly because April is dealing with a persistent patient who wants his donated kidney back from his dying friend. At the end of it all, Jackson is finally able to give a verbal apology to Stephanie for abandoning her.

Cristina, Shane, and Owen: Owen is busier than normal being the big bad chief of Grey-Sloan Memorial Hospital. Even more than that, he has become a father that is chaperoning a high school dance. He has to watch the every move of Alex and Jo and goes as far as suspending Alex from pediatrics. Owen is now single, and Cristina has mixed emotions about it. It is pretty evident their connection will never fizzle, and as much as Cristina wants Owen to find another girl she still can’t help but be a little happy when she hears the news of his split. Shane is getting another opportunity at being a cardiothoracic surgeon by mentoring under Cristina in a more professional matter. Shane is no longer helping Cristina “relax” and is slowly building back up his credentials with the hospital.

Grey’s Anatomy always delivers the underlying message by creating metaphors between the patient’s stories and the doctor’s personal lives. The baby being abandoned on that roof is Stephanie being left at April’s wedding. The baby also mirrors Shane, in that they were both given up on and not worth fighting for. In the end, the baby is found and cared for, just as Edwards will mend herself back together personally and Shane will do the same, only professionally.

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