Honda recalls almost 900,000 Odysseys over fire risk

Honda announced that it is recalling 886,816 Odysseys made between June 23, 2004 and Sept. 4, 2010 because of a potential fire risk.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration posted a document that show that the issue is with a faulty fuel-pump strainer cover that could possibly become defective, allowing fuel to leak out, posing a fire risk.

Reuters reports that though Honda is recalling such a large number of vans made in Alabama, there have not actually been any fires or injuries resulting from a broken fuel-pump strainer.

The problem with recalling so many affected minivans means that Honda won't be able to resolve the recall for everyone until the summer, but an "interim" part will be available starting in April.

The automaker isn't positive for the reason that the fuel-pump strainer cover deteriorates. But has said it is looking into issues ranging from car wash chemicals containing acid that could harm the cover to chemicals from fertilizers or others.

image courtesy of Wikimedia Commons

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