Houston's Lakewood Church robbed, nearly $600,000 stolen

The Lakewood Church, lead by pastor Joel Osteen, said that thieves had broken into the safe and stolen about 600,000 from the Houston church.

The amount in the safe was a mixture of check, cash and credit card donations, reports KRIV-TV, and was from the weekend's collections during services.

The theft was discovered on Monday morning, but it is believed to have happened on Sunday afternoon.

According to the Houston Chronicle, the church has suggested that anyone who donated over the weekend watch their bank and credit card accounts. The megachurch also emphasized that the theft wasn't a data breach, meaning that only those who wrote down donations to be taken from their credit cards on March 8 and 9 are affected.

In a statement, Lakewood noted, "The funds were fully insured, and we are working with our insurance company to restore the stolen funds to the church." The megachurch is hesitant to comment any further due to the police investigation.

image courtesy of Wikimedia Commons

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