Jimmer's "The Would-Be Plans" album review

Jimmer is back, with their first album in 23 years, titled The Would-Be Plans. After singer-songwriter Jimmer Podrasky decided to take a 23 year hiatus when his son was born, he returns with a fun, upbeat album, thats sure to put anyone in a good mood.

After forming his band in 1983, and releasing their first E.P. Class Tramp, they were identified as one of the best new Americana bands. Podrasky eventually made some changes, and joined forces with drummer Tim Jimenez, and guitarist Terry Wilson, and bassist Tommy Blatnik, who took a permanent stance in the band. In 1985, the newly formed band released Town and Country, which sold over 40,000 copies worldwide.
After the band signed with Epic Records in 1987, they released two albums, including The Book of Your Regrets (1988) and Chance (1990), of which did significantly well.

From beginning to end, the album takes you through different emotions, as well as completely different sound. The album's title track, is a twangy, catchy song, that carries a steady beat throughout the entire song.

Other songs, such as "She Has Good Records" and "Satellite" make you want to get in your car, and take a drive, just because. Songs like "Empty" have that hook that you just can't seem to get out of your heady because it's so catchy.

From start to finish, The Would-Be Plans keeps your attention, with it's catchy phrases, and fun, melodic twists and turns.

The Would-Be Plans was released March 4, 2014 on The Chief Injustice Records.

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