Jimmy Kimmel and Seth Rogen spoof Matthew McConaughey and Woody Harrelson's 'True Detective' (Video)

Jimmy Kimmel Live! kicked off their shows in Austin, Texas on Monday night for South by Southwest, where Kimmel and Seth Rogen performed a skit of a would- be Season 2 of HBO’s True Detective.

Of course, the first season starred Matthew McConaughey and Woodie Harrelson. The season finale scored record ratings for the network.
“It is going to be set here in Austin next season. We have a sneak peek of True Detective season two,” Kimmel introduced the spoof.

"Next season will follow two completely different detectives on a completely different case. There's been much speculation about which actors will be tapped to play those roles, and I'm excited to announce here at Southwest the identity of those actors, and also to announce that it is going to be set here in Austin next season,” he also said, E! Online reports.
Rogen’s character poked fun at McConaughey’s Rust Cole, complete with a ponytail. It ends with Rogen and Kimmel kissing – watch it below!

image courtesy of YouTube screenshot

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