Judge Judy files her first ever lawsuit

Judge Judy Sheindlin files lawsuit against a Connecticut lawyer.

The Associated Press reports that Judge Judy Sheindlin has filed a lawsuit against Connecticut personal-injury lawyer, John Haymond, and his firm, for using her image in advertisements without her consent.

According to the lawsuit, footage was taken from Judge Judy and combined with footage of Haymond and his Daughters, and appear as if they are interacting. The footage suggests that Sheindlin has endorsed Haymond and his firm.

According to the New York Daily News, Haymond started running the ads in March 2013. CBS then contacted the firm, and the ads were dropped from the internet last April.

The ad still aired during local television broadcasts of Judge Judy as late as last week.

Sheindlin is a retired Family Court judge, and has worked on Judge Judy for the past 18 years.

Sheindlin wants $75,000 in damages, and has admitted that she has never had to file a lawsuit before.

"Mr. Haymond is a lawyer and should know better," Sheindlin said in a statement. "Over my fifty-year career, I have never filed a lawsuit against anyone."

According to Sheindlin, any money she receives from the lawsuit will go towards college scholarships via the Her Honor Mentoring Program,

Haymond is reportedly on vacation and is not available for contact.

Image: CBS

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