Kim Kardashian fine after Beverly Hills fender bender

Kim Kardashian got into a minor car crash on Tuesday in Beverly Hills, but the reality starlet is doing alright.

TMZ reports the fender bender happened at a Sunset Blvd intersection after Kardashian wanted to turn, but the other driver wasn't signaling properly.

The Keeping Up with the Kardashian star wanted to turn left and began to do so when the only oncoming car was signaling for a right turn, only he didn't take it and continued going straight.

Neither person involved in the accident were hurt and their cars seemed to be barely damaged, or at least Kardashian's Mercedes G Wagon.

According to E! News, after the accident, the two drove over to the nearby Beverly Hills Hotel where they exchanged relevant information and left without either involving the police.

Both sites note that Kardashian and the other driver were cordial with each other, with TMZ noting that the two gave each other a quick hug before going their own separate ways.

Kardashian has not yet spoken out publicly about the fender bender.

image courtesy of NBC

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