'Last Man Standing' recap: 'Eve's Boyfriend'

“Eve’s Boyfriend” has the Baxter’s dealing with Eve having a boyfriend.

Vanessa is desperate for some girl talk with Eve, but Eve is reluctant to talk about her boyfriend Justin. Eve finally breaks down and talks to Vanessa about something she’s worried Kristin and Mandy would pick on her for. Vanessa proudly walks into the bedroom to tell him that Eve and her just bonded. She tells Mike that Eve and Justin’s relationship seems very innocent. Justin is very religious and signed a purity pledge. Mike is still caught up on the fact that Justin doesn’t come to the door to get Eve. He doesn’t buy the whole purity pledge thing. When he was younger he went to church on Sundays, too. Mike’s more worried about the other six days of the week. Mike wants to know what kind of teenage boy signs a purity pledge. Vanessa says that nice boys do. Mike says he’s heard of nice boys, “They live with the Easter Bunny and Sasquatch.”

Mike’s video blog for Outdoor Man promotes a “Fatehrs with Teenage Daughters Sale” as he talks about people, including politicians, not always being what they say they are. This includes teenage boys who say they want to take things slow.

As Eve is packing for the junior ROTC overnight camping trip, she lets it slip that Justin is attending, too. Mandy and Kristin automatically think the camping trip is just an excuse for Eve and Justin to spend the night together. Kristin urges Eve to tell their parents. When Eve does, they tell her she’s not allowed to go. She angrily goes to her room. Kristin goes up to talk to her. Eve feels she shouldn’t be punished because Mandy and Kristin were “tramps” that slept around. She tells Kristin that Justin just found out he was going. She’s not happy he’s going because he’s not that good, “He’ll just embarrass me in front of the guys.” Kristin realizes that Eve really just wanted to go because she’s trained for a year for the competition. She doesn’t care that Justin is going to be there.

Kristin tells Vanessa and Mike they should reconsider. She says that Eve should have to pay for her and Mandy’s mistakes. If it had been either of them, they would have climbed out their window by now. Eve hasn’t and, oddly, she’s the best climber out of the three. They decide to let Eve go. Vanessa races Mike up to Eve’s room to be the first to tell her the good news. However, Eve took a page from her sisters’ book and flew the coop via the window. As Vanessa says, “Oh no, she followed her sisters out the window.”

Mike heads out to go get Eve. As he leaves, he tells Vanessa she should cut down the tree outside Eve’s window. When Mike arrives, Justin is nowhere to be seen. Turns out, he’s in the infirmary. He sprained his ankle putting up his tent. Eve adds, “Then he got hurt. Then I laughed. Then he got the other kind of hurt.” She says she’s sorry, but she couldn’t let her team down. He tells her she can’t only follow the orders she likes. He admits he was wrong, though. She packs her things and is ready to go when Mike notices an award she’s holding. She won top shooter. She adds that she didn’t want to let down her squad. Feeling bad about making her miss the next day’s competitions, Mike says he came up on gas fumes so he probably doesn’t have enough to go home tonight. He tells her they’ll stay and she can finish her competition. Knowing he’s lying about being out of gas, Eve thanks him. Mike asks if Justin really is a good guy. Eve tells Mike that Justin is okay. She adds, “I’m pretty sure I’m the best thing that’s ever happened to him.” Mike smiles and comments, “Something he and I have in common.”

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