Lena Dunham gets nude while hosting 'Saturday Night Live' (Video)

Lena Dunham hosted her first episode of NBC’s Saturday Night Live last night and the episode featured plenty of nudity to along with her Girls character Hannah Horvath’s frequent state of undress.

She was featured in most of the skits, but in her opening monologue, Dunham talked about remembering the old saying about picturing the audience naked if you’re nervous.

“Or at least imagine they haven’t seen you naked,” she said, getting applause from the audience, NBC reports. She added that every show has its “thing,” and Girls< /i>’ happens to be “very graphic sex scenes.”
One of the sketches featured a spoof on her hit HBO show, imagined in biblical times.

TIME notes Dunham appears nude in the movie trailer of the would-be film, in which she stars as Eve. It’s set in the Garden of Eden, naturally.

The night’s musical guest was The National. How did you think Dunham did hosting SNL?

Here’s the opening monologue:

image courtesy of NBC

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