Linkin Park debuts new music video within Xbox video game

Rock group, Linkin Park, recently announced a combined North American tour with AFI and 30 Seconds to Mars but the news keeps on coming for fans of the rock/rap hybrid group. Park recently debuted a new music video for their song "Guilty All The Same" within an Xbox video game.

The band teamed up with Team Dakota, who are known for their work on the world-creation game "Project Spark" which is featured on Xbox and Windows, to make the video for "Guilty All The Same," Variety reported.

The music video was made available early Tuesday morning and give fans the chance to completely remix and edit the music video.

The idea came about last year at the E3 game conference in Los Angeles when Joe Hahn, a member of Linkin Park, talked with the creators behind "Project Spark," Billboard added.

“You could instantly create an idea, make a game or whatever is on the top of your mind way closer to the speed of thought than anything I had ever seen,” Hahn said.

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