Miley Cyrus' 'Bangerz' tour bus catches fire, no one hurt

On Monday night Miley Cyrus' Bangerz tour bus caught fire, but everyone on board was able to get off safely.

According to E! News, Cyrus' 14-year-old sister Noah and mother Tish were on the this particular bus. The bus caught fire as it was traveling from Texas to New Orleans.

A source spoke with E! and said, "A tire blew, then the whole bus caught fight." They added that no one was hurt, but Cyrus' sister and mother's things were all burned up. They "literally don't even have shoes," the source added.

Noah took to Instagram to document much of the destruction with several videos showing the bus either still on fire or a smoking mess. Noah also tweeted to her followers that everyone got out of the bus without getting hurt.

Miley still is set to perform at the Smoothie King Center on Tuesday night and her family are now in New Orleans where they are working on replacing their burned up items.

Things involved in this tour seemed to be dangerous as previously reported a man who worked on the giant working tongue that is part of the concert fell after not having the proper safety equipment.

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