Miranda Lambert releases 'Automatic' music video

Miranda Lambert, current mentor on The Voice and female country music superstar is back with the music video for her new single “Automatic.” The video premiered on YouTube only yesterday and has over 40,000 views.

The video features Lambert back in what appears her hometown and goes through the singer reflecting on old items up in her attic and driving around her hometown. The video matches the tone of the song perfectly. "Automatic" that has an older country feel and keeps the instrumentals simple to highlight the lyrics that truly weave a story. The story that is woven within the lyrics translates effortlessly to the screen and gives a visual representation behind the meaning of this song.

Lambert looks beautiful in the video, while she is performing the single with her guitar. The trust star of this video is the lyrics that can be heard perfectly. With each verse and chorus the visuals match the lyrics.

This music video reminds fans that Lambert is one of us and is down to earth even after all of the fame, the sold out tours and high profiled marriage to country male superstar Blake Shelton.

Mrs. Shelton is known for doing videos that tell the story behind the song and “Automatic” does not disappoint fans. If this is the direction that her next studio album will be going in, fans will be ready and craving this type of music from Lambert. It is clear that this is the music that she wants to be writing and performing and that honestly is rare now in 2014 when most music and musicians are packed to sell to the masses.

Lambert is who is she and is out to remind people that slowing down every now and again in life might not be the worst thing.

Watch the music video for “Automatic” here:

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