New Jersey teen who sued parents returns home

Rachel Canning, the infamous teen from New Jersey who sued her parents in an attempt to get them to pay her bills and support her, has returned home.

According to a statement issued on Wednesday from her parents’ lawyer, Angelo Sarno, the teen has moved back in with her parents, after 4 ½ months of being away, reports USA Today.

Rachel’s lawsuit demanding $654 weekly in child support and her parents to pay for the remainder of her high school tuition was denied last week. However, a hearing has been made for April to decide whether or not the Cannings are responsible to financially support their daughter.

Rachel’s volatile relationship with her parents began when she stopped following house rules such as keeping curfew and doing chores, as well as keeping a relationship with someone her parents thought was a bad influence. Two days before she turned 18, she moved out of the house, exclaiming that she was an adult and could be on her own, according to The NY Daily News.

However, Rachel claims that she was involuntarily forced out of the house. She said in the lawsuit that her parents were abusive and holds them partly responsible for her eating disorder, as well as pushing her to get a basketball scholarship.

“They're not athletes, they’re not actors. They didn't ask for any of this," Sarno said, according to The Daily Record. "Everyone should be happy today. This is a happy situation."

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