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New theory suggests missing Malaysian Airlines flight went over Indian Ocean

Investigators are starting to wonder if the missing Malaysian Airlines flight flew to the Indian Ocean.

This theory, which started taking shape after Flight 370 showed signs of making a sudden U-turn before disappearing from Malaysian Airlines radar late last week, reports CNN. This would suggest that the flight turned around with a purpose, not a technical difficulty.

Still, Malaysian government has not confirmed any of the raising theories. Officials are hoping to have more substantial evidence soon so that they can redirect their search units.

The flight was carrying 239 people and was headed to Beijing. There were three Americans onboard. Malaysian authorities had first suspected that the plane might have been hijacked because two of the people onboard were using stolen passports, but that assumption has since been dismissed.

According to the Associated Press, Malaysia is dealing with multiple accusations from the public that they are not sharing some information that they have about the flight during its last moments of contact with the airline’s control room.

The missing flight is considered a complete mystery at this time.

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