New update gives Google Play Store password security

A new update for the Google Play Store offers users new features for protect their account.

The update, according to GMA News, offers users an option to have your account password protected. This was in response to various complaints from users that accidentally downloaded apps that required payment and didn’t have a filter to stop the payment.

The Play Store update, 4.6.16 also provides a User Interface and forced updates. Android officials recommend using this feature, especially if you have children who use any of the various devices that the Play Store is available on.

Enthusiast site Android Police reports that the password requirement is specifically in response to a recent lawsuit with Google over in-app purchases.

A mother reportedly sued Google after her child spent $66 while playing a game that was free to download on the Play Store.

Apple has also faced similar lawsuits in relation to in-app purchases that were made without filters to stop. Last year, it cost Apple a $32.5 million fine to the FTC because their in-app purchases did not require consent.

Image: Wikimedia Commons

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