NFL hands out 32 compensatory draft picks

The NFL announced on Monday that there will be 32 compensatory draft picks awarded to teams for the 2014 NFL Draft, with several teams receiving several.

The picks are handed out based upon what a football team lost through free agency in relation to what it gained, reports CBS Sports. The highest draft pick that is awarded is for the third round.

The Steelers, Packers, Ravens and 49ers all received third round compensatory picks for the draft. The Lions and Ravens then got two fourth round picks. Then four other teams, the Texans, Jets, Falcons and Patriots, got one compensatory pick apiece for the fourth round.

According to The Associated Press, the Steelers, Ravens and Packers also got a fifth round compensatory pick, as did the Giants. The Jets got three sixth round picks, while the Texans, Bengals, Rams and Steelers each got one.

Two teams, the Cowboys and Rams, were awarded three compensatory seventh round picks, while the Falcons got two. Then, lastly, the Bengals got a single seventh round pick.

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