Omarion discusses 'Sex Playlist' album

Former B2K member Omarion is opening up about his latest record Sex Playlist. Omarion is a member of Maybach Music Group, is planning on releasing this new album in June. He explained that with the release of this album it will help to finally put his older music and work with B2K in the past.

The R&B singer recently opened up to Billboard about the thought process behind this album and what it is has been like recording it. "I'm in this really good place of self-discovery and self-knowledge. I've had the bittersweet feeling of growing up in front of the public, so it's hard for them to allow me to grow up. But this album is a real maturation from my previous work," said Omarion.

Omarion has been working with Maybach Music Group since 2012. Maybach also works with rapper, producer and currently No. 1 album holder Rick Ross.

Omarion did not have success with his early records with Maybach but is hoping this release will change that. "This album is all me. We've been thinking about some features, and we're in the fourth quarter of changing up and maybe putting some of the family members on there, but this is so important to me. Although it's been some time since I've put out an album, I always put my best foot forward in my music. When people hear this album, people will say, 'Omarion, we know you're on MMG, but you're doing your own thing as well," said the singer.

Along with a new album, Omarion is also soon to be a new father, The Boom Box reported.

The lead single off of Sex Playlist "You Like It" was released last month and has over 115,000 views on YouTube since it debuted.

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