'Parks and Recreation' Recap: 'Galentine's Day'

On this week's episode of Parks and Recreation, Leslie tried to replace Ann, Ben, Larry and Tom look for tents and Ron helps Andy.

Leslie is missing her BFF Ann in this episode. Because of that, she decides to stage a Galentine's Day to make up for it. But, Leslie tries to force the other women in the office to fill Ann's spot and be exactly like her. As she tries to make them all friends, it leaves April and Donna feeling upset. They don't want to be like Ann. They want to be themselves.

Leslie tries to force them into making new traditions and things that they don't want to do. She tries to take the unique characteristic out of each character and shove in an Ann characteristic. I'm glad that Parks pulled that move. It is a very Leslie thing to do. She is hurting but is slowly moving on from her best friend moving away. Which, by the way, she still talks to Ann on the phone, it's a little sad that she is going through so much effort to replace someone that is one phone call away.

Ben and Tom are looking for tents with Jerry/Larry. When they meet up with a super shady businessman (Rob Huebel), they get nowhere. Tom tries to be his obnoxious but successful businessman but the tent seller, it doesn't work. When Ben tries, it doesn't work either. It is Jerry/Larry that finds the solution. They get the tents. However, Tom takes all of the credit for it.

In a surprising move, Ben finally stands up for Jerry/Larry. He stands up on a chair and announces that he likes Jerry/Larry and that everyone should give him a chance. He even says that Jerry/Larry is his friend. It is about time that someone did that. I will admit that I watch Jerry's "fart attack" at least once a week, Jerry/Larry does have a beautiful wife and daughters. That is worth being respected for.

Lovable dummy Andy hung out with Ron all day. Ron had been feeling exhausted in his fatherhood. He spent his time watching cartoons and doing fatherly things. So, when his job of the day was to leave the office and do park surveying, Ron was very happy. However, Andy busted his tooth. Instead of leaving Andy alone, he rushes him to the dentist.

When the two were at the dentist, Andy wants to leave, Ron still rushes him back and forces him to see the doctor. This proves that Ron is a good father now. Sure, he brought his baby to a construction zone but he is still a great dad. His fathering skills around Andy is just more proof.

Best Moment: Andy thinks robots are the ones that give him money out of ATMs.

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