Perfect Sandwich

New from Contain This! and a necessity in my house is the "Perfect Sandwich" container. My son literally complains his cheese "soggied" up the bread on a daily basis so enter the BEST SOLUTION EVER. Here is how it works: the containers multi layer division keeps your sandwich components separate until its lunch time ensuring a fresh sandwich each and every time. They call their innovative divider a "Flextech" and it expertly creates a water tight barrier between your bread and your fresh ingredients until sandwich assembly time. The container's "Perfect Chill" technology keeps your lunch under 40 degrees for 5 hours and under room temperature for 8 hours. Perfect for the cafeteria and perfect for a road trip! If your sandwich doesn't require the separation, the Flextech barrier expands downward, creating room for your sandwich while still keeping it cool. The "Perfect Sandwich" is also BPA free; making it a safe lunch storage option for the entire family.

The Perfect Sandwich retails for $12.99 and comes in 7 colors: original (green), banana, pink lemonade, berry, grape, tangerine, strawberry and kiwi. Fore more information or to purchase this truly innovative product please visit or find them on Facebook at

ContainThis Perfect Sandwich Demo from Dot Silo on Vimeo.

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