'Pretty Little Liars' best moment: Unbridled

As the series comes to a close with the winter finale approaching next week, things get intensify in as Rosewood seems to get smaller and smaller. The episode opens with Spencer looking disheveled in a dirtied wedding gown. 48 hours earlier, all four of the girls are seated comfortably in The Brew discussing Ali’s whereabouts and the possibility of Mrs. D, Mrs. Dilaurentis, as the anonymous “A”.

Upon leaving, Emily and Spencer see Jason Dilaurentis and as they attempt to approach him, Jason hurriedly gets into his car and speeds away. Wondering what the cause of such a rapid getaway could be, Emily and Spencer retreat to their own car where they find what seems like an elongated film strip of Ali with her face blacked out in every single image. At the bottom, a note reads “You know me Spencer, you killed me. –A”. As if that was not enough to get the adrenaline pumping profusely, what would happen next would prove to be a true killer.

Aria’s mother returns from her long-time vacation with Zach and surprises Aria. After hearing of Ezra’s resignation from Rosewood, Aria’s mother desires to know the reasoning but when Zach calls, Aria becomes jealous and blames her mother for her emotional turmoil, as most teenage girls do. Later in the episode, she reveals to Aria that she is engaged with Zach but did not want to tell her right away because of what Aria was going through with Ezra.

While Hannah’s mom attempts to help Mrs. D with the bridal show, Holbrook arrives with new evidence that the body buried in Ali’s grave may not be her body at all. This comes as no shock to us since we’ve known for quite some time that Ali is alive, but what is her mother hiding? According to Holbrook, there was a picture of Ali with her right arm supported after she had broken it. However, there was no break in the right arm of the body that had been buried in Ali’s grave. So the big question is, who was buried in Ali’s clothes and is currently laid to rest at the tomb-stone of Alison Dilaurentis?

After Holbrook leaves, Mrs. D finds Hannah’s mom, Ashley, in Ali’s room where she found an extra bag of clothes that, rightfully so, looked extremely suspicious in its placement and lead Ashley to turn to Hannah for more answers. All the while, Jason reveals to Emily that Spencer needs to keep her distance from Mrs. D and also reveals a moment when he overheard Mrs. D continuously bashing on Spencer saying how she was always jealous of Ali.

Spencer receives the text from Emily revealing Mrs. D’s true feelings towards her and it was then when the ever-beautiful Dean confronted Spencer in regards to why she sleeps downstairs and has been trying to sneak around. He offers to read to her in an effort to help her relax but both fall asleep on the couch where Mrs. Hastings finds them and then abruptly fires Dean for his “inappropriate” actions.

The next morning, Spencer finds her mother frantically looking through her things as she demands an explanation to Spencer’s odd behavior. After badgering her mother, Mrs. Hastings finally tells Spencer that it was a heroin addiction and that Ali had happened to stumble upon her at her worst moment.

All leading up to this week’s best moment: after hearing what Ashley found in Ali’s room, Hannah signs herself and her friends up to model in order to dig deeper. However, what started out as a bridal show soon turns into a heated hunt down. As Spencer escapes from the view of crowd, she notices Mrs. D handing something to a suspicious hooded figure. Intrigued and still dressed to impress, Spencer chases after the hooded figure but trips and falls. Trying to recover from the fall, Spencer sees the figure once again but is halted when her dress gets caught in a trap meant to snare animals. The hooded figure gets away.

As Spencer is still in the woods, Emily and Hannah figure out the password to send Ali an email and they finally connect. They soon get a call from an unknown number with Ali on the other end begging the girls to come to her. Spencer then runs in crying as she tries to explain what happened, however, as she takes off a part of the dress, bones are attached to the inside with a message from “A” asking, “What will you do when the rest of me comes out of the grave?”

Finally, the girls are ready to meet Ali when Paige arrives and Emily initiates the long-awaited break up. The girls then arrive at a decrepit abandoned warehouse type space where someone approaches and the episode ends.

So is Mrs. D really “A”? Who could have been at the address Ali gave to surprise to girls to such an extent? What will the finale hold? With so much to be revealed in the season finale, finding “A” is only around the corner.

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