'Resurrection' recap: 'Two Rivers'

This week on Resurrection, Maggie finds a lead as to why her loved ones are being resurrected, Caleb Richards turns loose with revenge, and the church revolts against Tom, Lucille, and Jacob.

Immediately, we discover that Jacob’s remains still lay in his coffin from thirty-two years ago. This finding still does not answer why Jacob came back or how there are two of him. Though, we do know that all Jacob wants at the moment is a normal childhood, and even he does not know the mysteries of Caleb Richards. Yet, they do hold some type of connection, because on the preview of the next episode Jacob states he is able to "feel" Caleb.

Henry Langston is still having trouble accepting Jacob’s return. Further, he is experiencing pain in his hand, which he has not encountered since Jacob’s death. Henry is not the only one with apprehension about this little boy, who appears to be his son. The church is uncertain as to whether this is a miracle from God or the body being used by the devil. Until they know, the church has made a unanimous decision – against Tom Hale’s will – to ban Lucille Langston and her son, Jacob, from all Church activities.

Jacob’s Uncle, Sheriff Fred Langston, doesn’t know what to believe either. Even though he knows Jacob is the same as the boy he once knew, he can’t help but question his existence. Fred asks Jacob during a game of cops and robbers, “What are you?” But, Jacob runs away from the question, both literally and figuratively. Fred is, too, feeling vengeful toward the man who had an affair with his wife before she died alongside Jacob in the town’s river. This man is also said to be the one who was there that day, trying to save Barbara from the rushing river. Regretfully, Henry waited all these years to tell his brother the awful news. Fred expresses his anger very solemnly at a bar, and upon his exit we see this said man picking up take out food from the bar. This food could be for the person he is hiding in his house, which could very well be the resurrected Barbara.

Meanwhile, Agent Bellamy and Maggie Langston are busy investigating. They take a hike up the river to see the place of Jacob and Barbara’s death. While there, Maggie makes a distinct connection between the people who are back (Jacob and Caleb) and the river. Jacob died there and some of Caleb’s ashes were spread there. As they continue up the river, Maggie tells stories of some additional tragedies that occurred along the river. They finally make their way to an old shack where they find some very mysterious holes that were freshly dug. Ray, Caleb’s son, follow Maggie and Bellamy up there and inform them that Caleb is responsible for the holes, except Ray never refers to Caleb Richards as his dad. He doesn’t believe it for one second, and he can see the evil in “that man pretending to be [his] dad.”

Ray’s sister, Elaine Richards, is just so happy to have her dad back. She is oblivious to the danger that could be lurking in her town. We also know that Caleb Richards is a murderer. After coming back to life, he was quick to seek revenge on the man who was said to have found Caleb’s body, Dale. Bellamy wonders if Caleb might have been looking for money when digging up by the shack. Around the time of his death, there had been a bank robbery, and considering his rocky past it would be no surprise if he had contributed to the thievery. Luckily, Ray has compiled quite a few newspaper clippings of the day his dad died. Some of the stories correlate to the river as well, and they may be able to find some answers in these publications. Even though Ray thinks his dad is an alien, he could be on to something.

In the end, Bellamy finds Dale’s deceased body when he visits his home to talk about Caleb’s death. Simultaneously, Tom Hale finds someone sitting in his church late at night. It is yet another individual from Arcadia, Missouri, to be resurrected, and she appears to be an old girlfriend or wife of his.

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