'Ride, Sally Ride' Top 10 Scandal Quotes

Scandal is back! After many weeks since the Winter finale, Olivia Pope and Associates have a lot on their hands. President Grant is running again for reelection, but his reputation is damaged. He has already admitted to cheating on his wife, First Lady Mellie Grant and that is just one of their problems.

The episode started off with Mellie saying, "She's running."

Vice President, Sally Langston is running against Fitz and she refuses to resign as VP. She plans on running against the president on a third ticket. Her aim is to get the far religious right votes.

Olivia's sometimes boyfriend, Jake is now the head of B613, replacing Olivia's father, aka Papa Pope. Papa Pope is angry and he wants to end Fitz and he will stop at nothing.

Also, Cyrus is trying to dig up some dirt on Sally Langston but he cannot reveal to the world about Sally Langston murdering her husband because, he was a part of the cleanup crew.

As usual, there was a bunch of epic quotes and dialogues from this episode so here is the Top 10 from, "Ride, Sally Ride."

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"My husband can't be sleeping with you, if we are friends. I would never embrace Fitz's whore."-Mellie to Olivia.

Mellie set up a dinner date with Olivia as an attempt to stop the rumors and news reports about Fitz's relationship with Olivia. She made sure to hold a "happy conversation between two friends" in front of news reporters. Of course Mellie didn't stop there. She presented a list of eligible bachelors for Olivia to date.

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"You're so busy being a Patriot, you forget to be a person."
Olivia does not think that Jake should be command of B613 because she has seen what it has done to her own father. Jake wants the job because he feels he can bring change to the secret group.

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"Everyday for the last 12 years, I have dreamed of this, being next to you again."

So we know now that Mellie has a lover besides her husband. Andrew Nichols is a playboy who Fitz wants as his vice president. Since this revelation happened at the end of the episode, it's not certain whether Mellie was cheating on her husband with Andrew or this is some fling they had a long time ago. However, Nichols hasn't gotten over Mellie and it's clear that he wants her back.

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"My husband is a monster. He's powerful and he thinks that he doesn't have a weakness, but he does, me."
James is still dealing with Cyrus's betrayal and he wants David Rosen to know that his husband is capable of anything.

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"I did not murder my husband. The devil murdered my husband when he snuck inside me."
Sally is delusional. She doesn't want to accept the fact that she is homophobic so instead, she blames the devil for stabbing her husband to death.

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"I know Sally Langston very well and I have no qualms about exposing her for the pro-life, homophobic, raging bi*ch that she is."
Cyrus is running out of options. He wants to expose Sally for being a murderer, but he cannot do it without exposing himself.

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"I'm not talking about your feet, you baby faced cretin, I'm talking about your balls. Have they dropped yet? Will you miss them when they're gone?"
Cyrus threatened Sally Langston's campaign manager, Leo after he found him lounging in his office. Leo is trying to get under Cyrus's skin.

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"I refuse to accept your resignation."
Olivia goes to the White House to announce to Fitz that she is resigning. But Fitz does not want her to leave because he needs her to win , and of course he doesn't want to be away from her.

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"Start grieving now. Rend your garments, curse the heavens. But first, run."
Papa Pope warns Olivia that he is willing to bring the whole white house down to exact revenge on Fitz.

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"President Fitzgerald Thomas Grant III made the worst kind of enemy because I know all his secrets. I know where every body is buried, and the greatest weapon I can use against him calls me dad."
Papa Pope is so hell bent on revenge that he will use his own daughter to if he has to. President Fitz is not going to get away with taking Pope's position away from him. He is also angry about Fitz allowing Olivia's mother, who is a terrorist to leave the country. Olivia should be very afraid.

The next episode of Scandal will air next Thursday, 10 pm on ABC.

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