Roto's Magic Act releases debut album

Roto’s Magic Act will be releasing their album, Into The Unknown in May of this year. James Rotondi, AKA Roto, who also happens to be the band’s lead singer, created the band. After being a part of a few other bands as an instrumentalist, he decided to venture out for his own project, which he spearheaded, and thus, Roto’s Magic Act was born.

The album’s first track, “Circus Clown,” begins with a circus-like entrance complete with claps and show music as if you are right in the middle of a full-blown magic act. It then goes into a guitar-heavy song. Roto’s vocals are quite exceptional on the track as his soulful voice exudes a smooth feel.

Into The Unknown has an overall happy feel. This is presented the most in the song “Happier Than Ever,” which is about being optimistic and generally happy about life rather than paying much attention to everyday struggles. The song has a chilled-out vibe that puts the listener at ease while getting a great message out.

Reminicent of 70s rock music, Roto’s Magic Act strays away from modern technology and the head-pounding beats found in today’s music and heads in a more instrumental direction. The band’s use of guitars, drums and other classic instruments gives the band a classic feel while not making it seem too overplayed.

The title track is probably the album’s biggest gem. It combines pop, country, and smooth rock all into one song to create an awesome combination. Roto’s use of instruments creates a somewhat nostalgic feeling that brings listeners back to the days of Journey and The Doors.

The 14-song album is a great debut for the band. Apart from Roto’s (real name is James Rotondo) classic voice, he called on 15 other band members to help contribute to the debut album. Into The Unknown will be enjoyed by many classic rock lovers because it contains all the elements that have made so many bands iconic. Though this is only the first album from the band, they are ready to take the indie music scene by storm.

They incorporate simple magic tricks into their sets to create a memorable experience and a unique performance that is sure to be appreciated by fans everywhere. Roto’s Magic Act will be performing at this year’s SXSW festival along with a few other dates throughout the country.

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