Russian military takes over last Crimean base

Armed Russia military forces captured the last base in Crimea under Ukraine's control on Saturday with the aid of armored vehicles.

Ukrainian soldiers did not resist as the Russians entered the base. According to Voice of America, one Ukrainian soldier was wounded, and Russian soldiers confiscated some reporters' equipment.

A spokesman for the Ukraine military said that Russian troops also took over bases in Novofyodorovka, and threatened to attack if the Ukraine military did not give up control of the base, according to the New York Times.

Ukrainian soldiers are frustrated with the Ukrainian government because of the lack of help they received. Most said that they protected the bases out of honor.

The United States has issued several warnings to Russia since it first intervened in the situation, when Russian President Vladimir Putin sent soldiers to Crimea in order to “protect Russian citizens.”

Crimea was a part of Russia until 1954, when it joined Ukraine.

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