Shakira releases 'Empire' music video

Shakira's self-titled album released only a few days ago, and to celebrate she is showing off her sultry curves in her new hit music video.

Shakira is a petite and youthful looking ballerina as she sings the subtle beginning to her new single, "Empire." The video begins with what you would think would be the beginning to a love story. She's looking gorgeous in an unconventional wedding dress. But, before making her way down the aisle she suddenly stops and drops her bouquet -- a classic case of cold feet. She turns to run, and from there she is gracefully making her way through a rather majestic field. Another scene shows the Columbian standing on the church steps with the back of her dress engulfed in flames. It is a fantastic visual and has allowed her video to make as much noise as it has.

We don't see too much action of her infamous hips, but we do see a lot of rockstar moves -- jumping, tapping her feet, and throwing her body every which way. Shakira further shows how malleable her body is when she holds a half-way back bend in a sculpted black dress. She is looking as beautiful as ever with her small figure, flattering gowns, and voluptuous blonde hair. Ultimately, the fun tune matched with Shakira's dancing and overall happiness proves a successful video. Everything about it is appealing, even though there is no real story to follow.

Check out the VEVO video on YouTube here:

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