'Supernatural' Recap: "Mother's Little Helper"

The episode opens as expected with our first death of the episode. A wife comes home to her husband who immediately nags her about the fact that she’s cooking meatloaf for dinner. Her response? Bludgeon him to death with a candlestick of course. The boys find the case details but only Sam goes to check it out, with Dean having no interest in hunting at the moment.
When Sam gets to Milton, Illinois he immediately goes to the jail where the woman is being held. He doesn’t expect to find what he does, which is the cell walls covered in ramblings written in blood and the woman hanging from the ceiling.
He runs to grab dinner at a local diner when Billy, one of the local teens, comes in and starts acting strange. When the waitress says she’s going to go call his mother to come get him, he stabs her hand with a knife. Sam quickly Knocks him out before he can do anymore damage to the woman. While Billy is in jail, Sam notices a lot of other “clean” locals who have been locked up for similar crimes.
Sam is on his way out of the station when local Julia Watkinson is trying to talk to one of the officers about demons in town. Sam goes to sit with her and talk and she asks if he is a Men of Letters. She knows about the group because they were in town 60 years ago for a similar issue.
Julia use to be a nun in 1958 when a priest and a nun came to investigate Sister Mary Katherine. The Sister had killed two people before committing suicide and her room had been covered in bloody ramblings, much like the woman from earlier cell. The nun and priest in question are actually Henry Winchester and Josie, doing field work for the Men of Letters.
One night Julia heard commotion in the hallway and when she came out to investigate she was knocked unconscious. She awoke in the basement tied up along with others. She watched as the nuns came and took the people to another room where all she could see was a blue light. Henry and Josie arrive before the nuns can talk Julia and they exorcize the demons. All except the one inside Mother Superior are banished and she instead decides to take over Henry to get the inside scoop on the Men of Letters. But Josie begs the demon to instead possess her which explains how the girl became Abaddon. Abaddon plays the role of Josie and tends to unconscious Henry. Both Henry and Josie leave the convent with Henry feeling proud that they helped people. Julia decided to leave the convent not long after.
Sam goes to check out the convent, St. Bonaventure. It’s been closed since Julia was there but something is definitely going on there. Inside, Sam finds jars filled with little blue lights, which are revealed to be souls, inside the basement. While examining the jars he is attacked by an old man and Sister Agnes. Sam kills the old man but is forced into battle with the nun. He tries to exorcise her with an incantation but she chokes him before he can finish. She tells him Abaddon is stealing souls in her effort to create an army. While she is outlining the master plan Sam reaches for his phone which contains a recording of the incantation. He presses play and throws it across the room and while the nun goes after it he stabs her with his dagger, killing her.

Meanwhile, Dean has been sitting in the bunker drinking. After finishing off a bottle of whiskey he heads to the bar where Crowley shows up claiming Dean is scared.
Crowley thinks that Dean is stalling because he is scared. When Crowley goes to the bathroom, Dean sees a man heading to the bathroom with a knife. Dean immediately identifies the man as a hunter and talks the boy out of going in after Crowley. Once Dean leaves the bar it is revealed that the whole thing was a test which Dean passed because he saved Crowley.

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