'Supernatural' Recap: '#Thinman'

This episode opens with a teenage girl taking selfies. While flipping through the photos she notices a faceless man behind her in multiple shots. She goes to hide in the closet while calling 911 but is murdered before the cops can get to her.

Dean finds the selfie posted online and tells Sam that he’s going on the hunt. Sam’s confused as to why Dean would go on a case without him but Dean tells him he doesn’t know what Sam wants anymore. He catches Sam up on the case and they head off to investigate.

They talk to the victim’s mother about the incident who mentions cold spots. When Sam and Dean ask her what she means, she admits she’s talked to supernaturalists about the death of her daughter. Which can only mean one thing: the Ghostfacers are in town.

Sam and Dean find Ed and Harry in a diner. After finding out what they know about the case, and their monster in question, they tell them to go home. But do the Ghostfacers ever listen to the Winchesters? Of course not.

While perusing the Ghostfacers’ website, Sam finds a book written by the two The Skinny on Thinman. Included are pictures of the illusive creature, which bears a striking resemblance to the man in the dead girl’s selfies. They go to the sheriff to get the girl’s phone and are given the evidence by an officer named Norwood. They discover the selfie was posted two hours after the girl’s murder, leading them to thinking that they are dealing with something non-paranormal.

Back at the girl’s home, Ed and Harry are setting up video equipment and recording for their show. Ed wants to leave the case to the Winchesters but Harry wants to continue with the case to show their haters that they were right.

Later that night, Thinman murders the diner manager and the whole thing is caught on film.

The Winchesters show up to the crime scene and who do they find already there? The Ghostfacers. Ed and Harry have brought EMF equipment but it doesn’t go off once at the scene meaning that what they’re looking for is definitely not a ghost. They also discovered the video was posted on the web.

Harry and Ed are driving when Harry decides that he wants to go into the woods to find Thinman. Ed, however, just wants to leave the case and let Sam and Dean handle it. Harry isn’t ready to give up yet and gets Ed to drop him off at the woods while he heads to the Winchesters motel. He tells the guys that he invented Thinman with the help of photoshop so Harry wouldn’t leave Ghostfacers but he had no idea it would go viral. They tell Ed he has to tell Harry before he gets himself in trouble.

Meanwhile, Harry is stalking Thinman in the woods but is ambushed by the creature. Thinman manages to slash Harry once before Harry is able to get away and ends up running straight into the Winchesters. While Sam bandages Harry’s wound, Dean photographs tire tracks Thinman left behind and Ed is forced to tell Harry he made the creature up. Of course, Harry is really ticked off and Ed says he just wants to save him from living a boring life. Now Ed just wants to move past this and go back to being the Ghostfacers, but Harry can’t trust Ed now. Looks like one of our favorite bromances is splitting up.

Ed leaves Harry to go get them coffee while Sam gives Harry some advice because he went through the same thing with his brother. “There are things you can forgive and things you can’t.” They’re interrupted by Dean who has leads on the tire tracks. Ed eavesdrops on the Winchesters and when they leave he manages to convince Harry that they need to follow them and that he wants to clean up the mess he’s made.

The Winchesters run into Norwood from the sheriff’s office who ends up tasering them. He’s partnered up with a waiter from the diner, Roger, who is a little on the crazy side. Together they tie the Winchesters up with plans to murder them for another one of their viral murder videos. So far Roger has killed the girl because she rejected him, his manager because he didn’t like him and the sheriff because he wouldn’t give Norwood his time off that he requested. Petty much?

Harry and Ed show up which distracts the pair from murdering them. While Norwood and Roger go off to see who has showed up, Sam works himself free of his handcuffs. Harry and Ed think they’ve managed to defeat Roger, but what they don’t know is that Norwood is involved, who comes behind Ed and knocks him unconscious. The murdering duo lead Ed and Harry back to where they have the Winchesters tied up, but the chairs are empty. Sam knocks out Norwood while Dean forces Roger to stab himself. Norwood is still armed and pulls his gun on Sam. Ed steps in front of him in a very brave move trying to talk Norwood down. Norwood’s not buying it and Harry shoots him before he can shoot either of them.

Dean arranged the crime scene to make it look like the two murdered each other. Sam is uncomfortable with what’s happened because they’re use to killing monsters, not real people.

Now Ed is hoping that Harry can forgive him, but Harry doesn’t think he can. So he gets a ride from the Winchesters leaving a heartbroken Ed all alone. Could the same thing happen to the brothers as well?

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