Taco Bell breakfast menu ad features 'Ronald McDonald'

Taco Bell has picked a really creative ad agency to help get the word out for its new breakfast menu. The first ad, which will start airing today, goes right after its main fast food breakfast competition, McDonald’s.

The ad starts out by saying that many people liked the new menu items... including Ronald McDonald. No, not the clown mascot for McDonald’s, but people actually named Ronald McDonald from around the country.

Yum, which owns Taco Bell, announced last month that it is expanding the breakfast menu, which includes waffle tacos. Before the menu goes national, the breakfast items only made up 4 percent of sales in those select markets, notes The Associated Press. That’s far lower than McDonald’s, which earns 20 percent of its sales from the popular Egg McMuffin and other breakfast items.

Taco Bell President Brian Niccol told the AP that they hope breakfast makes up a bigger cut of sales when it goes national. He also admitted that the Ronald McDonalds in the ad were paid, but “All of them resoundingly loved the food.”

Deutsch LA, which created the ad, discovered 400 people across the country with the name Ronald McDonald, Ronnie McDonald or a variation of that. They picked dozens in each region of the country to use in the ads.

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