Three killed after landslide runs through Washington

Three have been killed after a massive landslide rolled through Washington Saturday.

The mass of dirt and trees left six houses completely destroyed. The Associated Press reports that the weather change left several injured, including one infant.

The community mostly affected was in Oso, which has about 180 residents.

Many roads were blocked with debris and several areas were threatened with the possibility of flooding, making officials urge certain areas to evacuate for their safety. According to CNN, residents received reverse 911 calls informing them of the recommended evacuation.

“We are working on establishing shelters for those who have nowhere to go,” spokeswoman Rebecca Hover said. “Until then, people should get to higher ground as soon as possible.”

Many United States agencies have responded to the area, including the Navy and fire departments throughout Snohomish County. All groups are on high alert, as the sheriff’s office has stated that flooding could occur at any moment. Residents that didn’t evacuate are being advised to stay away from bridges or trestles.

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