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Earlier this week, Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis announced that they were expecting their first child together. Fans everywhere first saw the couple-to-be in That ‘70s Show as Kelso and Jackie. On the show, they played a young couple who was either madly in love or madly wanted to kill each other. Since the show’s ending, both actors have gone on to do many critically acclaimed films, including Jobs and Black Swan. Though it took a while for the two to finally announce they were exclusively dating, many people saw it coming once Kutcher ended his relationship with longtime girlfriend, Demi Moore. The pair is currently set to star on TV screens once again as Kunis makes a guest appearance on Kutcher’s show, Two and a Half Men. Take a look at ten of the best works featuring Kutcher on TV and on films throughout his career. Comment below with your favorite role!

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10. Asthon Kutcher serves as one of the main characters in this movie featuring a star-studded cast. Valentine’s Day features actors such as Julia Roberts, Emma Roberts, Jessica Alba, Kathy Bates, Taylor Swift, Jamie Foxx, Taylor Lautner and a few other familiar faces.

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9. Just Married stars Kutcher and the late Brittany Murphy as a newlywed couple who go to Europe for their Honeymoon. The on-screen couple provide a great chemistry between them while also providing comic relief.

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8. In another romantic comedy, Kutcher stars with Cameron Diaz in What Happens in Vegas. The movie revolves around a couple who marries in Vegas and must stay together in order to cash a jackpot check they won on a slot machine. They both try to get the other to back out of the deal to keep the entire amount of money, but fall for each other as the movie progresses.

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7. The Butterfly Effect was released in 2004 and became an instant classic. Kutcher plays a man who forgets bad memories as a child and then finds a way to remember them as he gets older.

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6. In this sort-of-sequel to Valentine’s Day, New Year’s Eve also focuses on many different stories that has an all-star cast. Kutcher plays a different character than he did the previous movie and he stars alongside Zac Efron, Sofia Vergara, Seth Myers and many other experienced actors.

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5. After the departure of Charlie Sheen in Two and a Half Men, Kutcher replaced him as the lead role in the successful CBS sitcom. The show is currently in its 11th season, proving that even a shakeup in its original cast can’t stop the domination of Two and a Half Men.

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4. Kutcher plays the young, good-looking LA kid in this sexually-explicit movie. Spread tells the story of a lost 20-something man who finds an older woman who spoils him with a place to stay and nice clothes in exchange for sex.

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3. A couple of friends reconnect after a lost childhood friendship and become involved in a sexual relationship in No Strings Attatched. Kutcher stars alongside Natalie Portman in this romantic comedy about feelings getting involved in an otherwise emotionless relationship.

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2. Jobs depicts the life of Steve Jobs as he rose to business fame being the man behind the Apple company. Kutcher plays a young Jobs in this biopic that received raving reviews.

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1. Nothing beats Ashton Kutcher as Michael Kelso. His role on That ‘70s Show was crucial to the show’s comedic success. On the show, he starred alongside Mila Kunis, who just this week revealed she was pregnant with Kutcher’s child. Congrats to the everlasting relationship of Jackie and Kelso!

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