Top 10 Avril Lavigne songs

Avril Lavigne made a name for herself with her unique wardrobe and rock ‘n’ roll sound when she released singles like “Complicated” and “Sk8er Boi.” Now Lavigne is making another transition in her life, recently marrying Nickelback’s Chad Kroger and changing her musical sound.

Lavigne came onto the music scene with a guitar, a tie and a very catchy chorus. The rest is well punk rock ‘n’ roll history. As an artist she had a way of writing pop songs that sounded unique and modern compared to the current singles on the charts. She looked different, sounded different and had a punk rock attitude that fans fell in love with. Now in 2014, she has reinvented herself once again and her fan base has grown up with her from “Complicated” to her latest single “Let Me Go.” is counting down the top ten Lavigne singles from recent hits like “Smile” to classics like “Nobody’s Home” Lavigne has never let the critics change her and her fan base continues to grow even in 2014

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10. Here’s To Never Growing Up

Featured on her 2013 release, “Here’s To Never Growing Up” had a similar feel to that of Lavigne’s early singles and fans loved that she was returning to her more punk rock, fun loving roots.

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9. What The Hell

“What The Hell” was featured on Goodbye Lullaby which was released back in 2011. “What The Hell” was playful and showed that Lavigne was stretching her musical range and sound.

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8. Don’t Tell Me

Lavigne had hit a home run back in 2002 when she released her first album Let Go and fans had been craving another album right after Let Go was released. The follow upUnder My Skin did not disappoint and “Don’t Tell Me” was a major hit off the record.

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7. Girlfriend

“Girlfriend” is one of the most well-known and catchy songs from Lavigne and shows off her musical sense of humor.

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6. Wish You Were Here

As an artist Lavigne is never afraid to show off her emotional side and “Wish You Were Here” shows off her emotional side and incredible vocal range.

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5. Smile

“Smile” was also featured on Goodbye Lullaby and quickly became a fan favorite.

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4. I’m With You

“I’m With You” was a haunting and clearly personal from Lavigne.

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3. Sk8er Boi

This is without a doubt the second most well known single fro Lavigne. The lyrics are catchy and could be heard all over the radio back in 2002.

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2. My Happy Ending

“My Happy Ending” was one of the lead off singles off of Under My Skin and it showed Lavigne maturing as an artist while still staying close to her punk rock origins.

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1. Complicated

“Complicated” was the song that started it all and started a new fashion trend with younger females rocking ties.

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