Top 10 'Big Bang Theory' moments

The Big Bang Theory has recently been renewed for three additional years, through the 2016-2017 season. This is the second time that a long-term renewal has happened as in 2011, the show was picked up for three more seasons as well. The network has faith in The Big Bang Theory, one of CBS’s highest ranked shows, which continues to bring joy and laughs to the fans. Throughout the series run so far, there have been many memorable and funny moments. There is great chemistry between the cast, with both the relationships and friendships portrayed on the show. The antics of Sheldon, Leonard, Penny, Howard, Raj, Amy and Bernadette, as well as supporting characters and guest stars, keep audiences entertained and coming back for more.
Here are ten of the top moments from the past seven seasons to celebrate the renewal and more memories to come. What moment is your favorite?

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10. “Shelbot”
When Sheldon realizes that he won’t live long enough for his consciousness to be downloaded into a robot, he decides to change his diet and develop a Mobile Virtual Presence Device to go through his life for him in an attempt to extend his lifespan.

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9. Professor Proton
Sheldon books Professor Proton, the host of his favorite science show as a kid to do a live show for him. Sheldon gets starstruck and Penny is amazed by a potato clock in this funny and heartfelt moment.

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8. Howard and the robot arm
Howard borrows a robot arm from the Jet Propulsion Laboratory. Howard experiments with the arm having it do different things. Howard later decides to use the arm for his pleasure and it becomes stuck to his genitals, leading to an embarrassing trip to the emergency room.

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7. Game night
Part of the gang partakes in a girls vs. boys game night. Penny and Amy seem to be having a much easier time than Sheldon and Leonard. In this part of the game night, the challenge is pictionary, which proves to be very difficult for the guys.

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6. Sheldon and Kripke attempt to play basketball
Sheldon and Kripke argue over who will get the new office at work. To decide the winner, Leonard organizes a one-on-one basketball game against the two of them. The only problem is, neither one of them knows how to play.

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5. Sheldon plays hide-and-seek in a ball pit
Sheldon has been awake for several days, obsessed with finding the answer to a physics problem. Sheldon goes through great lengths to try and solve it, and in the middle of the night, Leonard gets a call from mall security. Leonard arrives to find Sheldon in a ball pit trying to build carbon atoms out of the balls. Leonard enters the ball pit to try and get Sheldon, but this becomes difficult when Sheldon dives under the balls and pops up in different spots shouting “Bazinga!”

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4. Sheldon spanks Amy
Amy gets a cold and as part of the relationship agreement, Sheldon has to take care of her. Amy likes getting the attention from Sheldon, so she pretends to be sick even after she gets better. Sheldon eventually finds out that Amy has been faking and feels that she needs to be punished. Sheldon decides a spanking would be best and Amy agrees. Amy puts on music and tries not to show Sheldon that she is actually enjoying it.

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3. Sheldon gets drunk
Sheldon has to give a speech after earning an award. Sheldon has a fear of public speaking and is very nervous. Penny tries to help by giving Sheldon alcohol. This results in Sheldon getting drunk and going up on stage as if he was a stand up comedian. The next morning, Sheldon wakes up without pants and is welcomed by Leonard and Penny who shows him a YouTube video of his antics called “Physicist Melts Down.”

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2. Sheldon kisses Amy
Amy has been relentlessly trying to get some affection out of Sheldon for quite some time. Hoping to bring out the romance in him, Amy takes Sheldon on a train for Valentine’s Day. Sheldon ends up ditching Amy to talk about trains to a guy he meets. Amy ends up confronting Sheldon about the situation, which leads him to do “romantic” things sarcastically, before he seriously kisses Amy and seems to like it.

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1. Soft Kitty
Whenever Sheldon is sick, he enjoys having a song called “Soft Kitty” sang to him. This song has come up throughout the series and has been an enjoyed aspect amongst fans. This clip is a compilation of the “Soft Kitty” moments.

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