Top 10 Carrie Underwood singles

Carrie Underwood was an unknown artist until she auditioned for American Idol. Since that audition, Underwood has been taking over the country music charts and has become one of the most successful artists to come out of Idol.

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Underwood impressed audiences and the judges with her incredible vocal range and ear for country music. It was clear from the moment that she covered Martin McBride’s “Independence Day” that Underwood would become a huge name in the country music industry. With hits like “Blown Away” and “Before He Cheats” taking over the country music charts, Underwood has secured her place as one of the top females in country music today. Right along side acts like Miranda Lambert and Taylor Swift. is counting down the top ten Carrie Underwood singles since her first album to her latest Blown Away. Did your favorite not make the top ten? Comment below and add your favorite to the list.

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10. See You Again

Featured on Blown Away, “See You Again” is a heartfelt and powerful single from Underwood that shows off her amazing vocal range. The country darling also looks beautiful in the music video, which has over 10 million viewers.

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9. Cowboy Casanova

“Cowboy Casanova” shows off the pop/dance driven side to Underwood and was a catchy single from Underwood. The music video also showed off her incredible dance moves.

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8. Ever Ever After

“Ever Ever After” was featured on the soundtrack to the Disney film Enchanted. This live action/animated film was a huge hit for Disney and fans loved this love story song that Underwood performed so beautifully.

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7. Temporary Home

This is a heartfelt and sincere single from Underwood who really told a story with each line of this song.

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6. Undo It

Underwood embraced her more rock ‘n’ roll side with “Undo It.” Fans loved the hard hitting and powerful chorus that Underwood performed so well and it became an instant fan favorite.

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5. So Small

Underwood showed off her incredible vocal range on this single, which was simple yet beautiful. The lyrics really tell the story about overcoming struggles that really seem impossible at the time.

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4. Just A Dream

One of the most heartbreaking and emotional songs from Underwood was “Just a Dream.” Military families all across the world have a special emotional connect with this single.

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3. Blown Away

Underwood blew audiences away when she released her latest album, Blown Away. Underwood pushed the musical boundaries with this album and really showed audiences that her sound is maturing and that she can truly bring emotion and life to every track on the album including the highly successful “Blown Away.”

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2. Before He Cheats

The country superstar wrote and performed a female super anthem when she released “Before He Cheats.” The song was catchy and was a huge success for Underwood.

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1. Jesus Take The Wheel

The first single from Underwood post Idol was “Jesus Take The Wheel.” This single alone showed audiences that Underwood would have a long and amazing career.

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