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Chevelle is an alternative hard rock band that hails from Grayslake, Illinois. The band trio was originally composed of the Loeffler brothers; lead vocalist and guitarist Pete Loeffler, drummer Sam Loeffler and bassist and backup vocals Joe Loeffler. The band formed in 1995. Joe left the band in 2005 and their brother-in-law Dean Bernardini took his spot.

Chevelle has gained inspiration from bands including Tool, The Cure, and Helmet. They have been compared to Tool throughout their career because of their dark tone and instrumental incorporation. Whether it is an intense angry rock ballad to a slow emotional song Chevelle’s music is truly inspirational.

Chevelle has an upcoming album called La Gárgola that is set to be released on April 1, 2014. is counting down the top ten Chevelle singles that include “Shameful Metaphors” to “The Red.” Did your favorite Chevelle song not make the list? Comment below and add your favorite.

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10. “Take Out The Gunman” is off their seventh upcoming album La Gárgola. It is an instant fan favorite as it stays close to the classic Chevelle sound. The song has impactful lyrics as it deals with the topic of guns and mass shootings.

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9. “I Get It” is off their 2007 album Vena Sera. It’s a fast-paced acoustic guitar sound that it combined with a harmonious bass beat that builds up to an volatile chorus.

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8. “Vitamin R (Leading Us Along) is off their 2004 album This Type of Thinking (Could Do Us In). The song was written about a friend of the Loeffler brothers. He was misdiagnosed with ADHD, and developed an addiction to Ritalin. “Vitamin R” stands for Ritalin. The guitar riffs in the song mixed with Pete’s powerful vocals makes this song stand out from the rest.

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7. “Face to the Floor” is off their 2011 album Hats Off to the Bull. It is a solid rock ballad that evokes high energy. It keeps your adrenaline pumping and energy flowing. Throughout the songs there are Tool inspired bass riffs, but Chevelle creates their own unique sound as they twist the beat.

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6. “Send the Pain Below” is off their 2003 album Wonder What’s Next. The mix of the guitar, bass, and drums mesh flawlessly. It created a some catchy and intense hard rock sound.

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5. “Closure” is off their 2003 album Wonder What’s Next. Its one of the powerful ballads featured on the album. It progresses from slow to an aggressive rock beat.

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4. “Family System” is off their 2003 album Wonder What’s Next. The song embodies raw gritty vocals and blisteringly heavy riffs.

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3. “Jars” is off their 2009 album Sci-Fi Crimes. This song showcases the aggressive hard rock sound that becomes intense with the faint screaming in the background. It is a unique song about going green.

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2. “Shameful Metaphors” is off their 2009 album Sci-Fi Crimes. It shows a softer side of the band with this emotionally gripping song. It not only showcases deep lyrics but the versatility of the band.

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1. “The Red” is off their 2003 album Wonder What’s Next. It is one the most amazing songs by Chevelle. It is a vivacious and emotional track created around a timeless bass riff and a catchy chorus.

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