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Top 10 Chris Pratt Roles

From Parks and Recreation to Moneyball, Chris Pratt has had very memorable roles. He's played the lovable dummy and the tough guy. His past roles have proven that he has chops to be a superhero film and even a Jurassic Park reboot. However, before we can appreciate his future roles, we have think about how great his past characters were.

Pratt has an interesting life outside of Hollywood. He married actress Anna Faris in 2009. The two welcomed a son, Jack, in 2012. Faris and Pratt have been in three movies together, Movie 43, What's Your Number, and Take Me Home Tonight.

The first film that Chris Pratt was ever in is called Cursed Part 3. It was a horror film. After that film he was cast as Bright in the CW television show Everwood. Most recently, Pratt played the animated lead in The Lego Movie, a movie based on the Lego toys.

Soon, Pratt will appear in Guardians of the Galaxy as Star-Lord. It is planned to be released in August 2014. Also starring in the film is Zoe Saldana, Bradley Cooper, Vin Diesel, Dave Bautista and Lee Pace. The Marvel film is the first time the Guardians of the Galaxy has hit the big screens. Watch the trailer below.

Here are Chris Pratt's top roles. If you disagree with the order or your favorite Pratt movie isn't on the list, comment why it should be.

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10. 10 Years,Cully

10 Years tells the story of a group of high school friends getting back together for their high school reunion. It stars Channing Tatum, Justin Long, Kate Mara, Jenna Dewan-Tatum and others. The film received wonderful reviews. It has the Fresh rating on Rotten Tomatoes.

Pratt plays Cully, a former high school bully. While he tries to make nice with all of the people that he used to bully, he proves that people can't really change. At the reunion, Cully gets drunk and embarrasses himself, his wife and everyone around him.

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9. Bride Wars, Fletcher

This romantic-comedy tells the story of two best friends and their weddings. Emma (Anne Hathaway) and Liv (Kate Hudson) had been best friends since they were little and they always dreamed of their weddings. When there was a booking mistake, they both have their weddings on the same day. So, the entire movie is a battle between the two brides.

Pratt plays Fletcher, Emma's fiancé. He met Emma 10 years prior and they're both planning their lives together. He is upset in Emma's change as she becomes more assertive rather than her normal, shy self.

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8. Delivery Man,Brett

Delivery Man tells the story of David Wozniak (Vince Vaughn), a slacker delivery man going nowhere in life. As a college student, Wozniak donated to a fertility clinic so many times that he was paid $24,255. After the fertility clinic realizes their mistake, Wozniak learns that he has 533 children and 142 sue to reveal his identity. He is mocked by the media and people around him. After realizing that he is in real trouble, he hires his best friend, Brett (Pratt), to be his lawyer. Throughout the suit though, Wozniak meets his children and questions whether or not he wants to reveal himself or not.

Pratt's Brett is a father who barely practices law. He stumbles throughout the entire case. He gives Wozniak bad advice and has funny moments with his children. The dynamic between Pratt and Vaughn is what made Delivery Man work.

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7. Five Year Engagement,Alex Eilhauer

Five Year Engagement follows Chef Tom (Jason Segel) and his fiancée Violet (Emily Blunt) in the five years after they got engaged. Between moves to Michigan and watching their best friends settle, Tom and Violet begin to fall apart. The dark romantic-comedy also features Alison Brie and Pratt as Tom and Violet's friends.

Pratt plays Alex, a guy who constantly hits on women. He meets Suzie (Brie) at Tom and Violet's engagement party and Suzie ends up pregnant. The two get married before Tom and Violet, separating the two further. While Violet and Tom's story was slightly depressing, Suzie and Alex was an opposite and equal positive tone. Their family dynamic was perfectly dysfunctional.

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6. What’s Your Number, Disgusting Donald

What's Your Number is the story of Ally (Anna Faris) and the number 20. After reading in a magazine that if a woman has more than 20 sexual partners in her lifetime then she won't find a husband. This upsets Ally because she had 20 previous lovers. After seeing an ex, Disgusting Donald (Pratt), she realizes that because he got better, maybe one of her 20 exes got better too so she won't have to go over 20 lovers.

Disgusting Donald was the complete and total highlight of What's Your Number. When Ally would do anything, Donald would be there. It was amazingly perfect. Disgusting Donald used to be fat and, well, disgusting. Then, after he got handsome, Ally decided to set off on the mission.

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5. Zero Dark Thirty, Justin

While Pratt isn’t featured much in Zero Dark Thirty, he is a very important character. Pratt’s character is named Justin and he is a member of Seal Team 6, the group of American heroes that killed Osama Bin Laden.

To play the American hero, Pratt got completely ripped. Unfortunately for women everywhere, after wrapping the film, he had to gain over forty pounds for his next role.

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4. Everwood, Bright Abbott

Everwood was a short-lived but critically acclaimed TV show that was aired on The WB. It also starred a young Emily Van Camp (Revenge) and Sarah Drew (Grey’s Anatomy) as Amy and Hannah. Pratt played Bright Abbott, Hannah’s on and off boyfriend and Amy’s brother.

Everwood was Pratt’s breakout role. While the television show was relatively unknown, it had a cult following. It was a teenage soap opera that critics loved. However the show only had four seasons and it was cancelled when The WB became The CW.

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3. Moneyball,Scott Hatteberg

Moneyball is tells the true story of Oakland general manager Billy Beane (Brad Pitt) and their analytical approach to drafting a baseball time. Because Oakland was running out of money, they needed to find a way to make a good team with limited funds.

Pratt plays Scott Hattesberg, a catcher that is moved to first base after joining Oakland’s new team. He battles with his new position and role on the team. This was one of Pratt’s first roles that he wasn’t the loveable dummy.

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2. The Lego Movie, Emmet Brickowoski

In The Lego Movie, Pratt plays Emmet, a completely ordinary Lego block man. When he discovers the piece of resistance. When the master builders believe that Emmet can save him from the Kragle (Krazy glue), this ordinary Emmet has to find a way to be extraordinary and help save the Lego world from Mr. Business who wants to freeze everything and keep it the same.

In the movie with Pratt is Will Ferrell, Elizabeth Banks and Will Arnett. It had raving reviews and was number one in the box office week after week.

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1. Parks and Recreations, Andy Dwyer

Pratt plays the lovable dummy Andy Dwyer in Parks and Rec. He began the series as the broken legged, helpless boyfriend to Anne (Rashida Jones) but has developed into his own unique character. He developed his own shoe shine stand but then became Leslie Knope’s assistant. He is married to April (Audrey Plaza) and have developed into an amazing husband and friend.

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BONUS: Bert Macklin, FBI

You thought he was dead. But so did the President’s…enemies. Bert Macklin is on the case in Pawnee, Indiana. He’s searching to defeat Janet Snakehole who stole the… rubies. Bert was on Leslie Knope’s personal security detail and helped solve important cases around Pawnee.

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