Top 10 concert tips

Are you hitting up Lollapalooza, Coachella, Warped Tour, or Firefly this summer? The time has come to purchase tickets for the biggest summer concerts of the season, but are you prepared for the show? Concerts of all types can definitely be a crazy fun experience, but many people make the common mistakes that turn the experience into a dangerous and stressful situation. Tickets aren’t cheap, and the chance to see your favorite artists come through town can be a once in a lifetime opportunity. The last thing you want to do is feel like you wasted an awesome experience because you weren’t prepared. Rules can change from concert to concert, venue to venue, and season to season, but a couple tips hold true no matter where you’re planning on going.

Buy your tickets, call your friends, and get ready to rock. Check out our top 10 concert tips, and enjoy the show!

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10. Eat before you go

Going to a big stadium? They’ll have tons of vendors selling food, but the prices for the snacks are always outrageous. Eat a good meal and drink plenty of water before you head out to the concert for maximum energy during the show.

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9. Know the band

Nothing is worse than going to a show and knowing only one song out of the whole set as everyone around you sings along. Do a little prep work before the show by streaming the artists’ station on Pandora, or checking out their playlists on Spotify. Concerts are more fun when you know about the band performing.

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8. Charge your phone

Be sure to walk into the concert venue with a fully-charged phone battery. You never know what emergencies may pop up during or after the concert, and it’s smart to have a fail-proof way of communicating.

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7. Pack lightly

Ladies, there’s no need to tote around your usual everyday bag at the concert. It’s heavy and it’s just going to weigh you down as well as get in the way of those around you. You don’t want to be the one worrying about your belongings, or (even worse) getting stuck holding everyone else’s stuff because you’re the only one with a bag. Bring only the essentials to the concert: keys, cash, phone, tickets. You’re going to be having too much fun to even think about reaching into your bag for anything else!

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6. Have a plan
If you’re going to the show with friends, be sure to map out the game plan before you go. Who is driving to the venue? Does everyone know how to get there? What kind of seats is everyone going to buy? If it’s a big music festival, it becomes extra important to have a plan as different artists will be performing at different times. You don’t want to have people in the group get grumpy because the plan wasn’t communicated efficiently.

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5. Arrive early
Do not roll up to the venue 10 minutes before the show is set to begin. You want to have enough time to find parking, get through the entrance lines, use the bathroom, and find your seats or spot in the floor crowd before the opening act begins. Be sure to plan out a safety cushion of 10-20 minutes in your travel time to accommodate for traffic jams or getting lost.

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4. Dance it out
Don’t feel awkward at the show! Let loose and dance it out to your favorite songs with the rest of the crowd. A great audience and a great performer feed off of each other, making the show better for everyone. Sway, clap your hands, and move your hips when the mood strikes. You’re here to have a good time.

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3. Put on deodorant
Just do it. You’re going to be crammed in close while you dance, and it’s going to get hot in there. Anyone who has stood next to someone who ignores this rule knows the importance of wearing deodorant. Keep it fresh.

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2. Wear comfortable shoes
Leave your high heels at home. Sure it might not be as fashionable, but the last thing you want is to be limping in pain as you make your way out of the concert. In the crowded and busy venue, it would be easy to trip and fall while wearing high heels, and there’s no way you want to be touching the dirty floor. Wear shoes you know you can stand in for long periods of time.

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1. Leave the cell phone in your pocket
Be honest, how many times are you going to look at those blurry concert pictures after you leave the show? The world isn’t meant to be viewed through your iPhone screen. Live in the moment, and stalk the Instagram tags for the concert later to grab the best pictures.

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