Top 10 Gavin DeGraw singles

Gavin DeGraw was once known as the musician behind the theme song that played before One Tree Hill on the CW, but now he is has become a full blown rock artist! From One Tree Hill to tours all his own, DeGraw has had quite the career in the music industry so far, blending interesting and unique sounds.

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Now with the release of his latest album, Make a Move, doing well on the charts and his sound taking on a more full rock ‘n’ roll sound, fans have become more interested in DeGraw’s music. Move has a more mature and intense sound that really highlights DeGraw’s vocal range but still keeps the feeling that made songs like “Follow Through” and “I Don’t Wanna Be” a huge hit for the musician. is counting down the top ten Gavin DeGraw singles. From “We Belong Together” to “Chariot” DeGraw has made his own mark on the music industry with his unique vocal styling and use of instruments.

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10. We Belong Together

Featured on the soundtrack for Tristan and Isolde, “We Belong Together” was a classic love song that showcased the vocals of DeGraw.

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9. Follow Through

“Follow Through” was featured on Chariot which was the first major label debut from DeGraw back in 2004. “Follow Through” showcased the musicianship and creativity that DeGraw had as an artist.

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8. Make A Move

DeGraw launched his musical style to the next level when he released Make A Move. The single off of the album with the same title shows that more modern and full sound that fans have been drawn towards.

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7. Chariot

Featured on his first album back in 2004, Chariot had a unique rock sound that wasn’t afraid to embrace different instruments such as a piano. The fact that DeGraw is willing to take risks creativity and with his music is what fans noticed right out of the gate with this debut album.

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6. Soldier

DeGraw had been laying low in the music industry but came back strong in 2011 with his album Sweeter. “Solider” was a fun and catchy single that instantly became a fan favorite.

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5. Sweeter

The title track off of Sweeter was another classic DeGraw song that embraced his rock ‘n’ roll formula and showed off his vocal range.

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4. In Love With A Girl

In 2008 DeGraw released the single “I’m In Love With A Girl” that did very well on the charts but the album overall was not as successful as previous albums it wasn’t until 2011 that DeGraw really came back strong into the music industry.

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3. Best I’ve Ever Had

The first single off of Make a Move was “Best I’ve Ever Had” which had a heavy bass line and upbeat instrumentals. The song was modern and was a fresh take on DeGraw’s sound. Fans instantly loved the change and embraced this new style of music.

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2. Not Over You

In 2011, DeGraw came back into the music industry strong with the widely successful single “Not Over You.” The song was honest, pure and touched the hearts of many music fans.

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1. I Don’t Want To Be

The song that started it all for DeGraw was the theme song to the CW’s One Tree Hill. This song helped to take DeGraw from an unknown artist to a superstar.

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