Top 10 Homer Simpson moments

Homer Simpson has become one of the most popular cartoon characters in history and is an American pop culture icon.

He is the father of the Simpson family, which includes his wife Marge. He has three children: Bart, Lisa and Maggie. Although he is a father, Homer is often lazy and incompetent. He is also obnoxious and overweight and has a short temper.

Despite these character flaws, Homer loves his family and holds a steady job at the Springfield Nuclear Power Plant. Among Homer's favorite things include eating doughnuts, drinking beer and watching TV.

Homer is often cited as the most popular character on The Simpsons because of his constant moments of hilarity.

Homer's popularity has caused him to be named the greatest cartoon character of the last 20 years by Entertainment Weekly in 2010. He was also named the second best cartoon character by TV Guide, trailing only Bugs Bunny.

Let's take a look through 10 of Homer's funniest moments.

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10. I'll rob the Kwik E Mart("The Cartridge Family," Season 9, Episode 5)

In this episode, Homer buys a gun and starts treating it like a toy. He even carries it around with him everywhere he goes.

In one funny moment, Homer goes to the Kwik E Mart with the gun in his hand. Apu notices the gun and becomes frightened, assuming Homer will rob him.

Homer at first says he would never do that, but then he reconsiders and dreams of what his life would be like if he followed through with it.

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9. Stop he's already dead("Homie the Clown," Season 6, Episode 15)

Homer goes to clown college in this episode, and he eventually gets his degree and begins impersonating Krusty the Clown at various events.

In one instance, he goes to Krusty Burger, where a crowd of kids are gathered and watching an act where the "Krusty Burglar" tries to steal the phony burgers behind the restaurant.

Homer thinks that this is for real and proceeds to beat up the character who posed as the "Krusty Burglar." The kids are horrified at this sight, and one kid in particular can't handle it.

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8. Sleeping in jury duty("The Boy Who Knew Too Much," Season 5, Episode 20)

Mayor Quimby's nephew gets accused of a crime involving a French waiter, and Homer is selected to serve on the jury for this case.

However, true to form, Homer is not interested in serving jury duty, so he attempts to sleep through the trial. Apu catches him though and brings his sleeping to the judge's attention.

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7. Stupid sexy Flanders("Little Big Mom," Season 11, Episode 10)

In the beginning of this episode, the Simpson family takes a trip to the mountains, and Homer tries out skiing while using a pair of skis that he never used before.

This doesn't go too well for him though since he cannot remember his instructor's directions. Instead, he only remembers Ned Flanders in his skiing outfit.

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6. Hello Dean, you're a stupid head("Homer Goes to College," Season 5, Episode 3)

Homer goes to college in this episode to earn a nuclear physics degree after Mr. Burns is caught hiding his lack of education.

After Homer sees a college comedy that parodies Animal House and portrays the dean as the villain, he believes the dean at Springfield University is that way. However, he is actually friendly and helpful.

He even refers Homer to tutors after he causes an accident, but Homer is still on the warpath against him.

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5. Space chips("Deep Space Homer," Season 5, Episode 15)

Homer goes into outer space in this episode, and he cannot control his appetite even when he is away from Earth.

He smuggles a bag of potato chips, but the other men in the spaceship panic that the chips will clog the instruments, so Homer uses his appetite to his advantage by eating the floating chips.

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4. All hail King Homer("Dog of Death," Season 3, Episode 19)

This may be a surprise choice to some Simpsons fans, but it is one of the most classic Homer moments. It is one of many times where Homer shows his stupidity through ridiculous fantasies.

In this episode, Homer attempts to win the lottery after hearing that the jackpot is at $130 million. When asked what he would do if he won, Homer launches into a dream where he is the boss of everyone.

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3. Save me Jebus!("Missionary: Impossible," Season 11, Episode 15)

Homer pledges $10,000 to PBS without the intent of really giving them money, but the network tracks him down and tries to force money out of him.

Reverend Lovejoy saves him though and puts him on a plane that flies to the South Pacific, and Homer becomes a missionary there. He is extremely reluctant to leave home though and tries to get off the plane.

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2. Falling down the gorge("Bart the Daredevil," Season 2, Episode 8)

In this episode, the impressionable Bart is inspired by daredevil Lance Murdoch after seeing him perform death-defying stunts at a monster truck rally.

He plans to jump Springfield Gorge, but Homer catches wind of his plan and does everything in his power to stop him. Bart finally agrees to not jump after Homer tells him he'll jump the gorge himself.

After a brief loving moment, Homer realizes he is on Bart's skateboard and rolls down the slope after it's too late. He endures a series of injuries in a hilarious plunge.

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1. Barbecue pit rage("Mom and Pop Art," Season 10, Episode 19)

This is the best Homer moment of all time because it includes the perfect mix of Homer's stupidity and anger.

Homer has never been an expert at building things, and his attempt to put together a barbecue grill proves fruitless as well.

In one of the most hilarious moments in the show's history, Homer appears to be finished with it. However, he was only looking at the box picture. He then wonders aloud why his doesn't look that.

He then proceeds to take out his anger on the pit and makes a funny noise while charging at it in fury. Bart puts the icing on the cake by saying "Yeah he's done."

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