Top 10 Jennifer Lopez singles

Jennifer Lopez is known for her acting, directing and dancing skills but first and foremost she is a musician that started out back on the block. Lopez has made headlines with her relationships but has always returned to her first love music. When fans first heard “Waiting For Tonight” it was clear that Lopez was on a mission to take over the pop music world with her Latin roots. Many albums and tour later, Lopez has not disappointed fans and has always keep true to roots musically.

Lopez can currently be seen on American Idol in the judges chair helping artists become discovered in the music industry. is counting down the top ten Jennifer Lopez singles. From more recent singles “On The Floor” to classics like “Love Don’t Cost A Thing” have shown that Lopez is a true musician and is here to stay. Did your favorite not make the list? Comment below and add your favorite Lopez single below.

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10. On The Floor

One of Lopez’s latest singles “On The Floor” became a dance anthem overnight and showcased not only her moves in the music video but her still incredible vocal range.

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9. Dance Again

Leave it to Lopez to write and perform a pop anthem that was also incredibly motivation. She was able to channel the emotion of being determined and reaching your goals with a pop beat pushing the song to the top of the charts.

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8. Ain’t It Funny

Lopez had hit after hit midway through her career when she teamed up with rap artist, Ja Rule. One of their combined hits was “Ain’t It Funny” which showcased her more R&B side as an artist.

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7. I’m Into You

“I’m Into You” was featured on Lopez’s 2011 release Love? and showed off that she was maturing as an artist with her music and the entire direction that this album went into.

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6. Papi

This sexy track became a dance anthem and an instant fan favorite.

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5. If You Had My Love

Lopez had many hits right at the start of her career including “If You Had My Love,” which became a huge hit for her and the music video had many views back on TRL, which was when MTV played music videos regularly.

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4. I’m Real ft. Ja Rule

Lopez and Rule teamed up again for another single and hit it out of the park with this R&B/pop collaboration, “I’m Real.”

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3. Love Don’t Cost A Thing

One of the most well known singles from Lopez was “Love Don’t Cost A Thing.” It had the upbeat tempo that fans loved and the catchy chorus was left in the heads of listeners for days.

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2. Waiting for Tonight

The single “Waiting for Tonight,” started it all for Lopez was an instant fan favorite and helped to launch her into being a musical superstar in the industry.

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1. Jenny From The Block

Even though it might not have been the first single that Lopez relased, “Jenny From The Block” is a fan favorite and shows that even with the fame, the money and the men, Lopez will always be a proud woman trying to make it big in the music industry but never forgetting the girl she was.

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