Top 10 Kids' Choice Awards hosts

After yesterday’s Kid’s Choice Awards, children everywhere are counting down the days until the 2015 KCAs. This year, Mark Wahlberg took the hosting duties to promote his upcoming Transformers movie. He even got a special guest appearance from Optimus Prime for the March 29 show. Since the show’s beginning, there has been a charismatic, fun and exciting host to run the event. Over the past ten years, they have gotten someone to host who has a project to promote, starting with Cameron Diaz and Mike Myers to promote Shrek 2. Other remarkable celebrities have hosted the show such as Kevin James, Will Smith and Jack Black. Hosts for the show are usually announced a few months before the show to create promos to air on Nickelodeon and to get viewers excited about the show. Take a look at ten of the best hosts that Nickelodeon has gotten for the KCA’s. Comment below with your favorite host for The Kid’s Choice Awards!

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10. Three-time host, Jack Black, begins the countdown. The actor and comedian always brings the laughs and keeps the audience and viewers entertained. The last time he hosted the show was in 2011.

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9. Cameron Diaz hosted the show in 2004 with her Shrek co-star, Mike Myers. The duo was hosting to promote the Shrek series which went on to have four movies.

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8. Mark Wahlberg hosted this year’s Kid’s Choice Awards. He promoted his hosting duties by doing promos saying that he is un-slimeable. It became a recurring topic throughout the show as he avoided the gooey green slime. At the end of the show, his family, along with the help of comedian Kevin Hart, eventually slimed him.

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7. Funny-man Kevin James served as the host for The Kid’s Choice Awards back in 2010. Though that was the only time he hosted the show, he brought out the laughs and the slime. James is known for movies such as I Grown Ups, & Mall Cop.

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6. Most people know Wil Wheaton from the classic movie, Stand By Me. the actor hosted the Kid’s Choice Awards in 1989 alongside Nicole Eggert.

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5. Whitney Houston hosted The Kid’s Choice Awards twice, back to back. She broke out her hosting chops in 1995 with Rick Adams and in 1996 with Rosie O’Donnell. As one of the biggest music stars, she brought it the viewership that Nickelodeon was looking for.

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4. 2012 gave Will Smith his only KCA hosting duty so far. The actor is the only human that holds the most blimps out of any winner. To date, he has taken home ten awards. Spongebob Squarepants has also won ten times.

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3. Dan Schnider hosted the KCA’s in 1988 with Debbie Gibson, Brian Robbins and Tony Danza. Schnider was honored this year with a lifetime achievment award for his creation of many beloved Nickelodeon shows such as Zoey 101 and Kenan and Kel. Many cast members from shows he created presented him with the award during the 2014 telecast.

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2. Rosie O’Donnell has hosted the KCA’s 8 times! She has hosted the most out of any other host by a landslide. Starting in 1996, she hosted the show every year in 2003. Will we see a return of O’Donnell in 2015?

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1. Ending the countdown is Justin Timberlake. The actor/musician hosted the show in 2007. This year, he took home the blimp for Favorite Male Singer, however he was not at the show to accept in person and the category was not featured in the telecast.

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