Top 10 Luke Bryan singles

Luke Bryan has had quite a career in country music so far. He has topped the charts with single after single, performed with some of country music royalty and has just announced his first stadium headlining tour but fans of Bryan know, this is only the start for this country superstar.

Bryan first came onto the country music scene with singles like, “Do I” and party anthems like “Country Girl (Shake It For Me).” Even though after a few years Bryan’s voice has matured his party anthems and honest love songs have kept the same feeling and passion that fans first fell in love with and the music is only getting better with time.

In honor of Bryan releasing another Spring Break themed album in March and launching his first stadium tour, is counting down the top ten Luke Bryan singles. From “Kiss Tomorrow Goodbye” to “This is How We Roll” with friends Florida Georgia Line, these songs have helped to make Bryan the musician he is today and country music fans keep falling in love with him single after single. Did your favorite not make the list? Comment below and add your favorite single from Bryan.

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10. Do I

One of the first singles from Bryan was this emotional and powerful single, “Do I” which really showed off the talent behind Bryan’s vocal range. This song is still a fan favorite at concerts around the United States.

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9. This is How We Roll ft. Florida Georgia Line

Bryan and newcomers Florida Georgia Line teamed up for part of Bryan’s latest tour and the group found time to also record a hit single while out on the road. “This is How We Roll” is another country party anthem that both Bryan and Florida Georgia Line fans have fallen in love with.

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8. Buzzkill

Featured on his first Spring Break themed album, “Buzzkill” was an instant fan favorite because of the catchy lyrics and Bryan’s delivery of this hate/love song.

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7. Drink a Beer

Bryan recently opened up about the loss of his two siblings publicly when he released “Drink a Beer.” Which is in honor of both of his siblings. The song is simple, beautiful and honest. Seeing Bryan perform this song live brought tears to the eyes many audiences members.

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6. Kiss Tomorrow Goodbye

“Kiss Tomorrow Goodbye” was featured on Tailgates & Tanlines and was one of many singles. Almost every track off of Tailgates & Tanlines had staying power on the radio and on the iPods of country music fans.

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5. That’s My Kinda Night

Bryan followed up the success of Tailgates & Tanlines with Crash My Party. The first track off of Crash My Party was “That’s My Kinda Night” which got the party started.

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4. I Don’t Want This Night To End

Yet another single off of Tailgates & Tanlines was the widley popular “I Don’t Want This Night To End.” This song was not only popular in country music but in the pop music realm as well.

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3. Country Girl (Shake it For Me)

Bryan arrived on the country music scene with an incredible vocal range, tight jeans and legendary dance moves. Those moves have been since shown off on stage and in music videos but fans first realized that Bryan could shake it when he released the video for this popular single, “Country Girl (Shake it For Me).”

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2. Crash My Party

When the first single off of Crash My Party was released, it went to number one within minutes. This was without a doubt one of the largest singles for Bryan and fans are packing concert venues to hear this track live on his latest stadium tour.

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1. Drunk On You

“Hey I’m a little drunk on you and high on summertime” became one of the most well known lyrics in modern country music history. Bryan hit musical gold with “Drunk On You” and this song took him from another country male artist to being in the top five country music artists today. Fans all over the world can be heard singing along with “Drunk of You.”

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