'Twisted' Recap: 'Danny Indemnity'

On this week’s episode of Twisted, there is fallout for Tess protecting Vikram, Danny continues to crumble and Karen finally gets her $10 million.

Is it just me or is irritable Danny getting old? I know he’s tortured over killing his own father but, come on. Can’t Danny be a little bit happy? Or can he pretend for longer than three seconds?

The episode began with Danny and Lacey making out. Danny stops when he receives a text from Jo stating that Vikram’s body had been found. He tells Lacey that he needs to go be there for his mother. Instead of going to his mother, he meets Jo at the place where his father actually died. Except, he wasn’t there.

Someone had moved the body and had faked the car accident. When Karen goes to identify the body, she tells Danny about the insurance policy and that she wants to move on as quickly as possible. Kyle tells them that he doesn’t suspect foul play and that it will be a simple investigation.

Danny, shocked that his father was found in a car crash, goes to Jo. They think that there is either someone who is protecting them or someone who knows that they killed him and are planning to blackmail them.

Jo is curious why her parents are acting so strangely. Jo thinks that maybe her mother had something to do with the money. Danny tells Jo about the money and thinks that his mother may have something to do with it.

One thing is clear though, Tess and Karen won’t be working together any time soon. When Tess tells Karen about how she knew that Vikram was alive- Karen gets really mad. She says that Tess was always in love with Vikram. She also throws Tess out of her house. She also throws Tess’ casserole out the door too.

When Jo asks her father what is going on with their mother, Kyle tells her that she has to go ask her mother about it. When Jo asks her mother, she gets very angry. She blames her mother for everything that Danny was put through.

Danny tries to get his mother to forgive Tess. He says that his dad was a bad guy and that it isn’t Tess’ fault. Karen wants nothing to do with Tess anymore. However, they are surprised when the insurance agent shows up at the door. That $10 million insurance policy has arrived. However, Vikram had changed it so Danny gets all of the money instead of Karen.

Danny tells his mother that he won’t take her to court. He says to consider the money hers as well. Karen, as we remember, isn’t exactly frugal. She takes the liberty to buy stuff. She buys new computers and clothes. Danny asks if she feels weird profiting by her husband’s death and she says no. She tells Danny that he “has nothing to feel guilty for.”

When Danny goes to school, everyone knows that he has inherited the money. Everyone treats him differently. Lacey tries to comfort him but he shuts her out again. Rico’s girlfriend says that he should use his money for charity. So, Danny decides to buy them all tickets to Jo’s mom’s charity dinner, even though the tickets are $300 each.

Kyle doesn’t think that the car accident was an accident. Before the car is destroyed, he sees that the windows were down. Because the nights were so cold, he was shocked that Vikram would be driving with windows down. He decides to investigate.

At the charity dinner, Rico bets first on every single item. Karen is there too. She is flaunting their new wealth. Danny, angry with her, outbids her on an item. Karen tries to buy a painting for $600 but Danny stands up and says that he will bid $10,000. After his outburst, he talks to Lacey outside.

Lacey pushes him, again, to tell everyone that he didn’t kill his aunt. Danny doesn’t. Lacey asks what his big deal is. Danny shrugs her off. Lacey finally tells Danny that he needs to talk to someone. He agrees.

Kyle comes home to Tess. He is still angry at the whole Vikram thing. Tess says that she owes everything to Vikram because she kept her secret. Turns out that Tess had a baby before Jo. She had a closed adoption and Vikram didn’t tell anyone. So, that’s why she lied to everyone she loved about a guy that was a super jerk. Lame reason? Typical Twisted.

Danny goes home to his mother. She asks him what his deal is. He says that she knows that she is covering for him. He knows that she moved the body. He finally tells her that he killed his father.

Her shocked face shows that she didn’t move the body. Oops.

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