Upcoming U2 album delayed until 2015

Following their performance on the Oscars, U2 has attempted to quietly announce the delaying of their upcoming album and fall tour until 2015.

The past two months for the band have been very busy including a variety of talk show appearances, magazine covers and even launching a charitable campaign during a Super Bowl commercial with their latest single, "Invisible." Now it seems as though the group will be heading back into the studio to work on their upcoming album.

Billboard reported that the band has invited Ryan Tedder and Paul Epworth into the studio with them to help work on this upcoming album.

Danger Mouse will remain the main producer on the album for U2 but will be getting some assistance from Tedder and Epworth, USA Today reported.

Bono, the leader singer of U2, recently joked in an interview saying, "We've been at (work on the album) for a while now. In this band, a song isn't finished until it's being sold online, or in the shops. And even then, Edge might try to remix it," said Bono.

image: Wikimedia Commons

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