Wicked Crown Dare Me Vibrant Hair Color

New product line "Wicked Crown" from Chrislie Formulations is a perfect way to try out the newest hair trends (ombre, dip-dyed etc.) or just give a bold statement without permanent level coverage. Wicked Crown provides two products: their "Hair Color Chalks" (these come in a box of 12 in an array of rainbow colors) or "Dare Me Vibrant Hair Color".

I recently and in honor of St. Patty's Day gave the Dare Me Hair Color a try in amazon green. This process couldn't be easier. Simply shampoo your hair with clarifying shampoo and dry completely. Using gloves, place a small amount of the hair color in a bowl and using a brush, distribute the color through your hair in the desired amount. Allow to set for 30 minutes and then rinse your hair using only cold water until your hair runs clear. This fabulous color will wash out in approximately 12 washes. Dare Me Vibrant Hair Color options include Amazon Green, Electric Cherry, Purple Rain, Sky's The Limit, Power Pink, Total Eclipse, Atomic Sun, Summer Flame and Bold Berry Blush. There is finally a safe for hair product that is so temporary that even us office employees can do something fun and trendy with our hair that doesn't last months. The chalks retail for around $14.99 while the Dare Me Vibrant Color retails for around $10.00.

Chrislie Formulations, a cosmetic health and beauty company created to provide women with an option to be unique and beautiful using only natural and effective ingredients.
For more information or to purchase products please visit www.chrislieformulations.com.

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