'Workaholics' Recap: 'Beer Heist'

This time on Workaholics, the guys find trouble outside the office. Adam, Blake, and Anders, go above and beyond to impress a few young college teenaged girls by performing an “epic” beer run.

The introductory scene to ‘Beer Heist’ shows Adam, Blake, and Anders, playing croquet in their front yard when Karl rolls by in his typical and unusual ways. Karl has formed a new business in Rancho Cucamonga that mimics the Hollywood celebrity sightseeing tour. His version, however, consists of a makeshift hot tub created out of a trashy trailer. Karl’s odd creation serves little to no purpose until it later saves the day.

While making a run to the gas station to get their usual beer and chicken wings, the trio stumbles upon three underage ladies. They do their best at giving a good first impression, but their dialogue is full of insults, showing their true inexperience with women. The college girls blow off the unattractive comments, because all they want is some beer for their party. Anders has no problem buying the beer for them, but when Adam sees a truck unloading beer by the case he has a better idea.

Adam and Blake hop aboard the truck while the delivery man is in the convenience store. Of course it would be easier to simply by the beer, but Adam must prove his tenacity and bad-boy capabilities. When the delivery man returns, he closes the latch door without a second thought and drives away with Adam and Blake trapped inside. Anders, along with the three girls, race into their car and quickly follow behind. Once again, they have put themselves in a situation that is far out of their league.

After a quite delicate action scene between the car and the truck, Adam and Blake meet the mother load: the inside of the brewery. Karl’s hot tub makes its second appearance in the episode where it serves as the getaway vehicle for gallons and gallons of beer. That is until the hose connecting the brewery to the hot tub becomes compromised and the beer stops pumping. At this point, the girls are restless. They hardly have any beer after all the trouble they’ve been put through, and they are missing their party.

The episode ends tragically and painfully when Adam, Blake, and Anders find themselves stuck on the roof of the brewery. Their options are to either jump safely into the hot tub of beer whilst ruining the beer or save the beer by risking their lives and plummeting to an asphalt surface. They choose the latter and ultimately gain the respect of the attractive young females, while also breaking their legs.

For a short moment, it seems as though everything turned out about as good as it could. But, of course the episode could not be complete without something more going awry. Kyle, after saving the day with his beer-filled hot tub, ruins the night by choosing to jump off the roof into the pool of beer with a dirty diaper. The girls leave, the beer is ruined, and our Workaholics each have a broken leg.

Image: Comedy Central

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